CSA took money in three huge DEO payments, but want to pay me back over seven months

July 16, 2011

Wife ended private agreement August 2010. I wrote to the CSA, I called the CSA, I wrote to the CSA again etc.. After promised call backs, messages etc.. work get slapped with a DEO out of the blue, for huge arrears back from March 2010. Big debate, lots of calls, lots of broken promises, and now they finally admit “you overpayed” by £1100 – more like they stole £1100…

Now they say they can’t pay me back in one lump sum, and it’ll have to be £150 per month – this helps me loads paying of a the debt I got into because of thier negligence ( there was an element of lies from the wife, but they had all the facts and signed forms in August 2010 before slapping me with the inaccurate DEO in October… ). They admitted at the time they had all my letters on file etc..

My only recourse is aparently to file a complaint… Well, I want interest and compensation for the hours on the phone, and the stress thier neglegence has caused.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t expect £1100 in one go from the wife, that’s unfair ( even though she lied which is part of the root cause ). I expect that money from the CSA fund, and they can take it back from her at £150 per month.


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. and if they can’t help,. I would go to a solicitor for advice or ask them to draft a letter threatening legal action. That alone may make them cough up!

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