CSA took money from me when I am terminally ill with cancer

March 28, 2013

I am terminally ill with prostate cancer. I don’t see well because I have glaucoma in both eyes. Forced to retire because of this. I live in a council flat.. I have supported my two daughters throughout the education.

The eldest is an Accountant and the other is a barrister. I was paying or giving my ex has remarried with two children lives in a 6-bedroom house. Yet CSA went and took my pension mosey £12750 from account without warning me.

I am now a destitute. I cannot even heat my flat. Is that justice. My two children pleaded with CSA to refund my money that their mother was only being vindictive. Is that fair?


  • Pete says:

    Disgusting behaviour again from the theiveng arse holes, Dick Turpin wore a mask we he robbed people, The csa should be bloody ashamed they are the total complete robbing scum bastards, When will this blatant disreaged for financialy robbing a human being whom is clearly ill, I know there are csa staff whom troll this site, Alli can say to toy disgusting low life pricks, karma is a bitch

  • Pete says:

    meant to say to you grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • carol says:

    How can ANYONE defend this abhorent agency???

    I am so sorry for your situation OP….I know I cannot help but try outing them to the press

  • carol says:

    Why were they taking from you anyway when both children have gone through their advanced education?

    Even if still in education or under 20, this was a disgusting act to empty your savings.

  • Lisa says:

    This story just makes my blood boil, seems the CSA really dont give a shit about who they take from, this guy his daughters are grown up and have there own lives and can bet that he doesnt owe a penny, i hope the staff that have dealt with this case and robbed this guy rot in hell,

  • carol says:

    and it also stings because they stole from his savings, so I wonder if they were aware of this mans terminal illness, therefore instead of the usual threats and letters, they just helped themselves before he died???

    I do not know such evil….why not let man keep his savings, enjoy what time he has left and the rest could have been meant for inheritance or funeral or whatever.

    Utter bastards, sorry.

  • Craig says:

    Look at exceptional circumstances http://www.facebook.com/notes/child-support-agency-corruption/what-steps-to-take/386972484732475

    Exceptional circumstances this is from the CSA’s operating procedures.

    Exceptional Circumstances

    Potential exceptional circumstances that could lead to an amount lower than the maximum being imposed:

    •NRP is terminally ill

    •NRP’s partner or children from their second family are very ill, or have special needs

    •Death of the PWC or QC

    •NRP is liable to threaten or is violent towards the PWC or QC.

    •Also remember at this stage any considerations that the PWC has about the case. See Is It necessary To Contact The PWC?

    This list of exceptional circumstances is not exhaustive.

    If an amount lower than the maximum is to be imposed, team leader authorisation is required before the DEO is implemented.

    It is essential to attempt to impose a DEO at the maximum amount possible as the existence of a DEO that is not imposed at the maximum could affect the agency’

    I find it quite interesting that how if they did not enforce a DEO at maximum amount just how it could affect the agency.

  • stuart says:

    Callous thieving scum,

    I have no more words for them.

    For now.

  • lisa says:

    They stoop so low its untrue, the only thing CSA are good for is misery, heartache, making people homeless, stealing from bank accounts and topping staff wages up with bonuses, the account they put the money into is suppost to be interest free, A NOT FOR PROFIT COMPANY, LIES LIES LIES, through companies house they are trading as nothing more than a debt collection racket, Its disgraceful, other companies trade as a company should with dignity & Respect, CSA dont know those words,

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