CSA took money for a year so why havent i received it

January 29, 2012

Two years ago i slit with my sons dad, 6mnth after the split i contacted CSA as he wouldnt help out fineaniely in feb2011 i received a letter stateing £5 a wk would be deducted from his benifit enclosed was a giro cheque for £20.

That was the first and last payment iv recieved since leaving me under the assumption my ex was no longer in receipt of benifits, as we split on really bad terms i have no contact nor does my now 4yr old son. In december 2011 i contacted my ex asking for fineanciel help towards christmas to be told “—- off i pay maintainance!” i then rang CSA and they confirmed that since feb2011 they had in fact been taking £10 a fortnite from him however they couldnt explain why the payments had not been sent to me.

I gave bank details and was told all the money would be in my account within the next 7 days, however 7days on no money i rang again and had to go through my case all over again as the woman had no idea what so ever about my case so much so their system was telling them payments were going into my account,i was told id be called back with an explanation days passed and i rang them back requesting the date the very first payment was taken as i was going to my local tabloid and telling them what CSA was really all about.

Within an hour a supervisor rang me back she apologised said it was CSA at fault an still couldnt offer a explanation as to were the money was or why it had not been passed on to myself, i asked for the money to be put in my bank as im a single mum to 4 children and suffer fineanciel difficultys badly already christmas was a mear 7 days away an i needed my money more now than ever! She told me there was a 1% chance id recieve it before christmas and it would take 2/3 weeks to process as it had to be done manualy!. I found this to be very very distressing as my ex would of contributed to my sons christmas all be it not much but never the less he would have helped me some what but because CSA had for a year been taking money he point blank refused.

When the supervisor rang me exepting full responcability she told me wen my payment is sorted they would be looking to pay a lump sum of compensation for the way id been tret by the CSA! well several phone calls later numarous threats with the press i received a payment on the 16th jan 2012 of £180! no letter no call no explanation and no compensation pay out either, no compensation will not make things better my children had a very poor christmas im a single mum of four children that struggles emencly already so much so i dont eat some days so i can put food on the table for my babys! however compensation will help me out of the “rat race” i feel so many people like myself are in this day an age. Im absolutly discusted by the way iv been treated by CSA more so because its not the first time its happend to me my girls dad was made to pay £3.33 a wk from march 2006 yet iv only been recieving payments for just over a year!!!!

Again nobody within CSA can give any sort of explanation as to were the money is or more to the point why i havent received it? I have give that up now as i feel like im bangin my head against a brick wall, PLZ PLZ HELP!


  • Garry Roe says:

    Contact ICE A.S.A.P. http://www.ind-case-exam.org.uk/

  • james says:

    They have done that to me, they took £5 a week of my ex wife from April 2010 but i didnt receive a payment of £10 a fortnight until Jan 2011, whilst they screw me for what they can get. There excuse for not paying is that the benefits never give them it to them until January of 2011. even though i have a letter from the case examiner stating they have been taking £5.00 a week of her. Its so so so wrong the way they treat people they are just plain evil sole sucking scum, plenty of other words to explain but i`m to polite to say on here. Also get in touch with your MP unless you live in calderdale as he is bloody useless

  • chall says:

    Garry Roe, ICE can not deal with complaints that have not received a final response from the Agency. Therefore, shantell will initially need to go through the agencies complaint procedure first.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • joanne says:

    We had a final response from the agency, contacted ICE who told us to keep complaining to the csa…its a vicious circle that needn’t be. When is all this crap going to stop? Look at the stress this agency is causing to both nrp and pwc, its not right.

  • shantell says:

    thank you, since my last post I contacted csa again asking them when this supposed compensation pay out is going to happen to be told as the money has now been pay (after a lot of complaining an threats to take legal action and go to my local newspaper!) I dont fall into the correct critaria for compensation???? My four year old boy had probably the worse xmas he,l ever have thanks to csa as I was told that my ex legaly doesnt have to give any form of help as he pays csa! And to top it all of my girls dad has been paying £3.33 a wk out his benifits since march 2006 up until april 2011 apart from a 3yr gap, yet iv only been getting this since april of 2011! SOO CSA weres my childrens money no doubt sat in their bank account gaining interest instead of my childrens! Well i see this as taking food out my childrens mouth and have all intensions of taking legal action gets better people a new rule is apparantly been put in place were by us the residing parents in reciept of csa (that we dont receive) will soon have to pay for the privalage of been messed about!! JOKE their ment to help ppl like us!!

  • Leanne jones says:

    Do you work shantell…as if yo were claiming benifits in 2006 til 2010the money would have gone to the state as the new rule was imposed 2010

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