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CSA took 2 years to sort case, now wants arrears for that time

I am a father who see’s his child regulary. I have helped to clotheher and she also have stayed over.

I am married and have two more children living at home with me,it used to be 5 but they have since grown up and moved out.It has taken the CSA over 2 years to sort my case out, I have lived at the same address for 18 yrs and worked for the same employer for 16 years. They have always had all my details and i have always been complient with them.

Two years later I have now been stung with a £5,500 arrears bill and have to pay £45 a week. I am happy to pay the £45 a week but the CSA want me to pay £125 a week for te next 2 years to cover the arrears.I bring home £350 some times less have a wife and 2 dependent children with a mortgage and all the other bills families have to pay. I get no other benefits !! I have asked them to spread the arrears over a longer period to enable me to keep the roof over my families head and they will not budge. They also gave me 3 weeks notice for the first payment of £500.

Surely this is exessive and will impact massivly on my resident not saying I dont want to pay but its the CSA fault this has taken 2 years to sort. Please help and give me some advise. This is now affecting my marriage and my quality of life, im in a desperate situation !!!!!!


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  1. Write to them and say that this debt can be cleared over a longer period and in forcing this over the 2yrs which they are responsible for the error anyway. They need to take these arrears over a longer time because it will affect your children in your residing address. If they fail in this you need to say you request this amount going to a tribuneral this way you can explain the circumstances to a judge… They are absolutely terrible the csa.

    Record your calls too because the lie. My variations are taking their time as usual. No doubt a call will have them say we have no record… Lordy lordy.

  2. Go and see your mp if the csa are bring unreasonable, give the csa an amount that you can pay until its sorted, demand this…..2 year rule doesn’t exist, its not law and is only a guildline. Also make sure these arrears are correct xx

  3. Get your MP involved. Lodge a formal complaint of maladministration.

    Like Jay says the 2 year rule does not exist and is basically a management steer to get as much money as possible in. Also you can pay £5 towards arrears as long as you are paying something they have to accept it.

    Really this Agency are just a bunch of incompetent clowns causing untold misery of thousands of families.

    Also try to keep contact by letters/e-mails anything you can prove. With telephone calls they are not always recorded and the CSA can go back on things they have told you over the phone.

  4. Thanks for all your advise.I have had them on the phone badgering me,I have also had a letter saying they can send the Bailiffs to me home.
    I am paying the normal maintanence .Also I have appealed against some of the arrears as it just states “migrated debt” this is from 1997 !!!!!!
    As this should have been worked out on the “old Style” CSA I should have been asked to have produced evidence of all my living expences and asked how many dependant children I had living with me at the time,I have never been asked to produce any of this.I suspect they have worked it all out on the “New” CSA.

    Another point i would like to make is why has this debt been added,I never new anything about it as I was always on a” nil ” assessment as I had 5 dependent children, If I owed it and wasnt paying as they state, then why didnt they put an AOE on my wages or send a Bailiff to my home in the last 15 years ?????? None of it makes any sence !!!!!!!

  5. Chris it could be worth your while checking out some facts first by getting a copy of your file from the DPU Unit at CSA. It costs £10 and they will give you all the documents/information they hold on you. Although you will complain to the CSA they will not verify anything or provide you with proof of what they have done.

    Like you say this is all very very strange but this also happened to my partner so it definitely is not uncommon. We suddenly got a letter with £39,000 arrears. After 1st fight reduced to £31,500. We got our MP involved and also got copy file. I have been with my partner 6 years and we never received a letter from the CSA in that whole time. We got a copy of the file and what we found was shocking. They have assessments in place when he wasn’t working; sent correspondence to our current house that we moved into in September 2011 but the mail is all from 2009 – someone obviously now making pu their files. We also got a letter from HMRC with his income for the past 7 years as that is all they can provide but even any income details the CSA had were incorrect.

  6. I have been paying £175 per week for the past 3 years.At the end of december 2011 I had a bad accident which resulted in me not being able to work but the csa still took there money from my employer and left me with £65. After getting out of hospital and got my head together I called the csa who said that it was my responsibility to contat them.I requested a print out of all payments and outstanding monies owed and was shocked to find a full year that I wasnt working is included EVEN THE DAY I WAS MARRIED TO MY CHILDS MOTHER IS ON IT.I called them tonight and they said that theres nothing I can do as these monies are arrears and my case is closed.I still owe £6100!!!

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