CSA told us to max our credit cards

January 26, 2015

Csa have recently got in touch with my partner about reaccessment and came back with an amount which he agreed to pay.

A few weeks later they got intouch again saying thr previous assessment werent done properly and that he had to pay more to which he arranged a higher monthly payment..they then said that his arrears were in region of £1800 and that they need payment.

After working out our finances we are unable to pay too much a month to clear this but he has offered to pay what he can..they have said its not enough and to max up his credit cards to which they checked up on,and that they will send enforcers round.

In my mind if he is seen to be paying something off arrears what exactly can they do..also can they only sieze goods that only he owns or can they take mine too because we live together??

Please can you let us know where we stand as hes worried to death over this..thankyou.


  • Moriarty says:

    Hi Penny in regard to enforcement agents taking your stuff for your piece of mind start keeping receipts for everything you buy using money from your account(credit card receipts, paid credit card receipts, bank statements etc, you can also make a statutory declaration to prove ownership of goods which costs £10 from a solicitors DO Both

    Remember if you don’t let the in they CANT take anything.

    They can only take goods which the debtor owns NOT your property the debt is nothing to do with you.

    They may try and assume joint ownership RUBBISH show them receipts stat dec etc that the items were bought with YOUR wages your MONEY.

  • jo says:

    First off csa are not registered credit agency so are not legally allowed to tell you to use a credit card, state this if they ask again!

    Are the arrears even correct? Have you had an account breakdown, you are allowed this through the freedom of information act.

    If you are being treated unfairly then write a letter of complaint and see your mp outlining your concerns.

    You’re not refusing to pay and they should negotiate a repayment plan with you.

    Don’t be bullied and ask for everything in writing from now on so you don’t feel intimidated by them.

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