CSA threatening me with jail unless I pay thousands within a week

February 9, 2018

I have some CSA arrears and a court case ongoing. I spoke to the CSA this afternoon and a woman called Nicola told me that if I do not pay several thousand pounds by next Friday a judge WILL send me to jail. I am on benefits and have custody of my 11 year old daughter, I do not have the money and because I am not disputing the amounts I cannot get legal representation


  • David Joseph says:


    They cannot simply put you in jail for a basic civil matter like this my friend. Ignore the CSA evil tactics. The court will always consider your circumstances and ability to pay. If you really believe you owe this money (I certainly would never take their word for it – you MUST check or get it verified), there is no reason why you cannot make a proposal to pay so much each week/month.

    Please email me in the first instance at [email protected] if you want expert help.


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