CSA tell me to use a credit card to pay them

March 10, 2010

Recently the CSA have recalculated the ammount I should pay towards my son without beforehand contacting me. The ammount they calculate I owe based on my average income over the year, after my rent, council tax, electric and heating bills leaves me with only £17.50 per week to live off! How is this meant to cover clothes, food, car insurance, fuel etc?

What makes this worse is the fact that they have backdated the ammount to september, so I have to pay an extra £30 per week on top of that until later this year! So every week I will have to borrow money to pay them, as well as borrowing money to feed myself and my partner who is a student! How can they leave people in poverty and get away with it?

Not only have I had problems with the ammount they wish me to pay, but the CSA have lied to my ex partner telling her that they have been unsuccessful in contacting me, if this were true, then howcome I have recieved a bill for the ammount owed, and a threatening phonecall from them recently? they are a law unto themselves and use angry partners against eachother in order to get what they want from you!

As well as all this (and I hate to rant on) When I recieved a threatening phonecall from the CSA demanding payment I was told to ‘put it on a credit card and pay off the credit card company’ and when I refused to do that I was told to ‘borrow it from a friend’! at the end of the call I was told that it was now in the hand of debt collectors! and I only owed 2 weeks worth! I find this discusting, and I am sadened to hear I am not the only parent suffering this kind of treatment at the hands of the CSA!

Thankyou for reading my rant! I hope our voices can be heard!

Phill Gregson