CSA taking three times more me from than their own calculations say they will

December 2, 2012

My case has been closed since November 2011.

The closure of my case is based upon when my ex wife stopped receiving child benefits for our son Thomas. Thomas left school in 2010 . His mum then left him home alone and moved into her boyfriends home for around 4 months offering him hardly any financial support at all. He was regularly found with no food or electricity. I reported the situation to the CSA and social services who eventually forced her to move back into the council home or lose it.

I received a letter on the 11th Jan 2011 from the CSA in Hastings stating that due to Thomas’s mum not living with him the case was closed and back dated to August 2010.

Later in the year I was contacted again stating this was an error and the case was finally closed when it was discovered my son had not been in full time education and her child benefit was stopped.

I have been in touch with my local MP who has contacted the complaints office in Scotland who have stated that they can only go by when benefits were stopped and its up to me to prove the investigation wrong !

Currently I am having £480 a month taken from me although based on the CSA’s own calculations it should be £168 as they state they will take 30 % of my income. This is causing intolerable financial hardship for my family of 5 and I am at the end if my ability to survive.

Also when the complaints officer investigated the debt increased as they found yet more errors !

I feel like I m being treatedl like a case number with no thought for my wife and 3 children.

I regularly see my son Thomas but he is reluctant to help my situation for fear of being kicked out.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.
Regards Jonathan Whitehead


  • Alice says:

    The CSA have to keep a case open until the CB has ceased (unless the PWC requested the case closed), if you believe that your ex continued to claim CB after Thomas left full time education then you should report this the them so they can invesigate it as a fraudulent claim. As social services were involved there may be evidence which can be used to prove that Thomas was no longer in education.

    Meanwhile contact the CSA and ask if they can reduce the amount they are taking from you towards arrears. Legally they can take 40% of your net wages but if you have 3 children and this is an arrears only case they may be able to take a lower amount.

    Good luck

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