CSA taking payments from ex but not paying them to me

December 4, 2012

I have two children age 3 and 5. I split with thier father 3 years ago.

My payments from the CSA had been monthly and consistent up to this year. Suddenly all that changed and the payments stopped around Jan.

Everytime I called them for answers I was lead on a wild goose chase. I understand that they cant discuss details from the father with me. Thats not what I was looking for.

I had spoke to thier father and found out that the payments, the CSA were still taking from him. So where were they going? So many questions, so many phone calls but yet everytime, I hit another brick wall.

I was told different information off different people, case workers, call handlers, manager then I realised I was wasting my time.

I have now found out that the CSA were taking payments from the father, then he moved house.

According to the CSA, they sent the payments back to the father. None of this made sense, even the father couldnt understand it. There are 6 checks lying in a house somewhere that belong to my children. I’m in such disbelief.

This has caused me to be upset and I’ve felt such despair with it all. I.ve not even had an apology off anyone about this. To be honest I’m not sure they really understand what I’ve been through

Now I realise that I’ll have to appeal against it all. How can they do this to my children and so many others???

It seems writing or complaining is a waste of time according to these reviews. This has been a series of major errors, misconduct and lack of professionalism.


  • chall says:


    Is your ex involved with another case that the CSA deal with?

    You need to establish (and the agency can inform you) if there have been/are any changes relating to/pending on your case.

    You should also request a FULL account breakdown and enquire if your ex has over or underpaid the CSA for your children at any point?

    Keep your correspondence to writing, keep copies and post signed for.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Carol says:

    Go ahead and write a formal letter of complaint. The complaints department is probably the busiest within the Agency but these situations should be highlighted, as it is all maladaministration by the Agency.

    Get your MP involved also.

    Why on earth would they send the payments back to the father?! really nothing should be a surprise with this Agency.

  • Alice says:

    as chall says the CSA can provide you with a client statement which will show you every charge on your case and every payment made to you.

    They can also advised if there were any changes that would affect the amount you were due to be paid – under DP they cannot tell you what the changes were but they can tell you if there was a change and how it affected the amount you were due per week.

    You ex should ask the CSA to check if they cheques they have sent have been cashed, if they have not then the CSA should be able to cancel them. Has he been informed why they have made 6 refunds to him?

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