CSA taking my children’s money and giving it to husband’s ex

September 3, 2011

My husband and i have been together 10 years, we have 3 children. We both work full time on very low income, with tax credits our total income is less than £900 per month. The CSA take £150 of that money and gives it to my husbands ex.

He has 2 children with her who he has not seen in years as she has turned them against him. She has never worked a day in her life claiming benefits and spending all her money on sun beds, nails and going out on the weekends. She claims that the law says her and her 2 children need to live on we claim in tax credits what the law says us and our 3 children need to live on so how is it fair that the CSA can take into account my tax credits?

The tax credits is in my name and it says how much is child tax etc. only £44 is my husbands, it goes into my bank not his. What if i just refuse to give him any more than his £44 and tell them that they are not having my miney or my kids money? They are not my children why should i have to pay???? 🙁



  • lyn says:


    I would be interested to see the replie to this one as I think it is a disgrace that you have to pay for kids that are not yours.

    If you are married and keep you finances do the CSA still take your new wifes income into consideration?

  • John says:

    If you keep seperate finances, I don’t see a problem with this.
    He is the father and according to the CSA he is liable for maintenance. Not you,

    I would also go as far as registering all assets in your name, as the CSA may look at all financial aspects of your husbands affairs. keep yout husbands finances, bank accounts etc seperate, and the amoun in them as low as possible.

    Give him the £44 as cash in hand.

  • emma says:

    dont give the csa any of your financial information. They can pester you for it but they have no right to it.

    you’re protected under the data protection act.

  • Emma says:

    I live with this everyday!

  • Alice says:

    A new partner’s wages are not taken into account for the purpose of a Non Resident Parent’s child maintenance liability. Working Tax Credits are taken into account if they are paid on the basis of the NRP being the primary earner – ie if the nrp earns more than his new partner in a joint claim, if the nrp and their new partner both earn the same wage and there is a joint wtc claim then the csa will factor in 50% of the WTC for the purpose of the nrp’s liability. If you refuse to supply details of the tax credit claim the csa can access the details of a claim that the nrp is named in, refusal to confirm who is the primary earner gives the csa the right to presume that the nrp is the primary earner and will result in the full amount of WTC being considered as NRPs income.
    CTC is classed as income to the household and will be used as such when setting the NRPs income. The NRP will be given an allowance for Relevant Other Child/children (child/children living in his household whether they are his children or children of a new partner) so this reduces the amount he will be liable to pay for the child/children he is liable to pay for

  • melanie parton says:

    They just go to hmrc n get it did with us no permission given……n they tske fc as income as weve questioned this …..a letter i have states we do not ecpect u or yr children to contribute yo mr …… children so why then arevthey taking fc paid to me n my children??????

    Its income even tho the law saysbyou dont have enyff to live on tgats y u get it……theybtake it n give it to a pwc for a chikd that already gets his own fc but has my kids 2 n every other parent with rhe csa…..needs chsllenging

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