CSA taking money via DOE over Christmas

December 17, 2011

My partner contacted the CSA when he returned to work so he could start to pay for his kids from a previous relationship. Due to their incompetance in calculating his claim quickly he ended up £1000+ in arrears.

He is meant to pay £38 per week and pays £50 via standing order he has never missed a payment and has always paid extra to take into consideration arrears to get a call from them saying they have never accepted Standing orders (well how did we get their bank details???) and he HAS to do it via DOE

They have also decided for the next 6 weeks over xmas they are going to take over £100 per week as they don’t feel he is doing enough to clear his arrears!

Is this right REALLY??


  • bob says:

    No and actually standing orders are the main way you are advised to pay in the booklets. The staff want you to pay direct debit to them so they can gain the interest payments off it.

    I hate the csa and they make life a misery.

    Over 600,000 of the 1.3m cases pay £0 yes you read right. That’s from a foi I read somewhere not long ago. Also 35% of cases are in arrears iirc

  • shell says:

    How do we go about proving they are in the wrong and stopping them from continuing the DOE

  • june says:

    I am trying to set up a payment schedule with CSA and I do NOT want to pay by DD however they are advising they only have this method along with collecting directly from my employer. I have no ojection in paying, but they are refusing my preferred method…is this right? I can find no info on Direct Gov site to advise of this so called limited method of payments.

  • Andrew Gordon says:

    i pay by Standing Order and have done so for years. i refuse to pay by DD as the CSA are so unreliable. I advised them of an increase in earnings in Apr 11 and even though i received a letter in September telling me my payments would not increase i got a call last week telling me my payments were increasing by £8 a week and back dated till 4 Apr 11. they are a joke and make my blood boil. As a member of HM Forces i am an easy target. I have no problem payinf for my two kids but the amount of distress and hassle that organisation has put me through and i have never even missed a payment in 7 years!!

  • janet says:

    They now try to clear the arrears quicker

  • janet says:

    The dow order will not cease until the arrears have been cleared

  • mark says:

    I have payed by standing order since feb. 2000 till sept. 2011 with no problems other than the csa taking me to court for money that should have been wiped in 1999
    which, after the third time in court, I now have a liabilty order for money that arrised from their mistake. do not pay by direct debit as they can take what they want, and as anyone who has dealt with them will tell you, they will cock it up and cause you severe hardship sooner or later

  • Karen says:

    I do feel the CSA have a place in our society. BUT……there are too many chiefs! No-one knows what anyone else is doing in that place! My husband had a Deductions of Earnings Order slapped on him even though he was paying?? They then accused him of being in arrears?? After a year of my persistance the CSA finally issued us with an apology and gave us over £2500 back! And believe me….he is not on a good wage, he works hard and brings home a decent, livable wage.

    Here is what to do…….or this is what I did!

    Every time you speak to the CSA you must write down the date and day, time, an estimate of how long the call took, the phone number you rang and most importantly WHO YOU SPOKE TO! Then write a brief description of what was said. This may seem like a waste of tim but believe me it isn’t!

    If you get nowhere with the CSA go to your local MP……..they give the CSA time limits and the CSA MUST abide by these! If you still do not get anywhere or do not feel you have had the right outcome you can speak to the Independant Case Examiner! The CSA and the MP will be able to and must give you this option and their contact details!

    The CSA move very very quickly when they are contacted by the Independant Case Examiners as they have the legal rights to look into every detail of your case and the CSA must give any information or details that they want. Sometihing the CSA do not like.

    I hope this information helps some of you.

    Good luck.

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