CSA taking longer to pay me my money

April 5, 2010

When I first started receiving maintenance payments via the CSA, they were paid into my bank account approximately 10 days after my ex husband’s pay date. A couple of months later, it was taking 14 days to go into my account, then 18 days and it is now 22 days since my husband got paid and I have still not receiving my maintenance payment!!!!!

To add insult to injury, because I expected my payment to be credited to my bank account last Friday and it wasn’t, I’ve now gone over my overdraft limit for which I’ve been charged £20 plus £5 per day. A standing order was also refused which has cost me another £25. I have asked the CSA why it is taking longer and longer for me to receive my money and to date I have not received a satisfactory explanation.

How long does an employer have to send a deduction to the CSA and why does it take so long for it to be processed by the CSA?????


  • Brokenfather says:

    If I remember correctly an employer has to remit the CM collected from an employees pay by the 19th of the calender month following collection.

  • chall says:


    ‘Brokenfather’ is correct – an employer has until the 19th of the following month to send the payment to the agency.
    The agency should pay the amount to the PWC within a week or so of receiving the money.


  • l feel ya says:

    Pay you “your” money?I thought it was for the child.Parasite.

  • Sarah says:

    I feel ya – This woman is not a Parasite, and yes, it is “her” money, as she is using “her” money to raise the child and provide it with everything it needs, the child doesnt get this money to spend on toys or anything, the parent will get the money to reimburse the family budget, i’m sure she wasnt going to spend it on shoes for herself, muppet!! Only a non-paying or begrudging paying father would put that kind of comment!!

  • krystle says:

    i am having the same kind of problem.
    my ex has chosen to pay be deduction of earnings, as he cant be trusted to stick to paying a direct debit, (the moment we had an argument, he would cancel it!!!) they still have not recieved his payment. i have contacted our employer to see how long it is until they normally pay it to csa. but they cant tell me until 10 working days!! its disgusting.

    all i want is financial help and support raising the child we both decided to bring into the world. so why do they make it so difficult!!!

  • lori says:

    today is dec 21st and im still waiting on payment from the csa which was sent in by my ex husbands employers on Nov 24th…..apparently they cant find a code to allocate it 2 me……..so as it stands they r now as the outstanding payment was due on 17th Nov im now waiting the 17th of dec payment also……ive called daily to try get this rectified and every day been told a different story…it also always amazes me, that there is never any supervisors or managers available to talk to nad the 48 hr call back never happens!!!!!!! merry xmas csa!!! NOT…..

  • The boy in blue says:

    I was recently informed by the CSA that my ex wife has been fiddling the system. They have sent a letter to my employer informing them to cease the deduction of earnings from my pay, that the case is now closed and that I will be receiving just under £3000 as a refund of my previous child maintenance installments. Winner! Proof that there is still scum out there who feel bleeding the country dry with fraudulent benefits claims is the best way, are finally caught and are dealt with. I shall put every penny refunded, and make regular payments into my little boy’s child trust fund account that I set up when he was a baby.

  • what a dick, it is HER money, so u wanty the baby to go buy its own milk!!!!!
    my ex has his own business and plenty of money an still tries to get out of paying,
    any loving parent wud spend everythin they own on there children but these PARASITE Exs would rather spend it on them selves, make me sick, and they make it hard on the men who do want to look after there kids,

  • tina jones says:

    my ex husband and i devorced 4 years ago and he was paying cs to myself for my children on a monthly bases i had a call from csa saying that i had to go through csa as it was against the law for me to recieve money for cs with out the right actions so i agreed to go through with them i have just started to recieve our first payment from my ex husband because i inform csa he was jumping jumping to avoid paying cause csa had to start from scratch every time he qiut his job and then they would have another 6 months to go through this process as im aware csa have gone through deductions of earnings straight from employer and that he payed 2 days ago im not sure what date it is ment to go into my acount does anyone know due to this turn around from csa i can finially give my children a good christmas he made alot of debt when we were together and i was left to paying it and i have not been able to give my chilldren things they deserve but i do hope they dont mess me about the way you have

  • ELZ says:

    okay guys it very much he says she says, i think it right that both parent contribute to there child up bringing and sometimes this has to be done by csa cos the other parent refuses to pay, y i dont no cos it there child to.
    Iv not recieved a penny of my ex in 10 years cos he refuses to give me any money
    but csa has finally caught up with him and now he has to pay 100 quid a week on a letter i had said that the employer had to give csa all the money by 19th january so that be today so how long will it take to get to me,
    also there no need to call people parasite etc, it very uncalled for, the way it is, this woman has soley bought up her child finacially, using HER money, so csa that she will get will be HER money to put toward her child upbringing, which isnt a huge bundle of toys but like things of clothes food etc.
    remember it only fair that it a joint thing when rasing your children you both can make the child so you both can take resonsibilty

  • Gareth Edwards says:

    I pay the csa by standing order which goes out of my account on the 25th of each month. It is now the 6th and my ex-wife and more importantly my children, have not yet had any money from the csa. Why does it take so long? Are they earning interest on this money? In this day and age cash transfers should certainly not take this long. Managing my bank account on line I can transfer funds from one account to another in seconds, what are they doing using carrier pigeon? The only answer I can come up with, apart from the fact they dont know their arse from their elbow, is that they are earning interest from it which is completely wrong!!

  • Alice says:

    It makes a nice change to hear that a NRP is dissatisfied with his money not getting to the PWC in time.Gareth ,would it not be better for you and your ex to come up with making payments direct on the 25th of each month.This way you know it will get to her on time and you can still keep doing it through your bank account.My husband and his ex did away with the CSA and he paid her every 4 weeks on a Wednesday,it has gone well for the last 2 years and we have now
    made the last payment.If you get on then it will be beneficial to all the family.Your ex has to make the call to the CSA who will in turn ring you to comfirm,then you will each get a letter explaining what you pay and when ,if you dont pay then the CSA take it back and take control again.

  • Alice says:

    the account used by the csa into which money collected from the NRP and then paid out to the PWC is a non-interest account so the CSA are not making money by holding onto the money.

    The money is paid out to the PWC as and when it is due to them – there are cases where the money is paid by the NRP earlier than it is charged to the case, many people pay monthly in accordance with their monthly salary but the csa system is set to charge on a weekly basis so it is not due to the pwc when it is received and as such the system will not pay it out immediately.

    Best option would be to agree payment direct to your but this should only be done after both parties agree and both contact the CSA to confirm that they wish the method collection and method of payment to be changed to Maintenance Direct

  • Bank holidays and weekends do not count, it is set to takes 10-12 working days from your ex’s account to yours, that is standard. CSA do not make any money, don’t use them if you think this, try to get along better for your lo’s sake and do it yourselves, the CSA is there for exes who basically do not get along at all and can agree on nothing between themselves, they are like a mediator. It’s your call in the end. But I would stick to the CSA if you are not 100% sure of your ex, either NRP or PWC.

  • Claire says:

    Hello about 2 weeks ago I got a letter from csa (haven’t heard from them since 2015) my daughter is now 11 cut a story short her dad hasn’t wanted to know her whole life but csa have now been getting payment they sent me a form 2 weeks ago for my bank details so they could transfer the money they have got so far and it’s like over £2000 why on earth is it taking them soooooo long just to put it in my bank I’ve been waiting 11 yrs for him to contribute to his daughter they have had this money for the last 2 yrs why have they not told me before are they actually going to hand that money over? I’m really pissed off at them as they have all my details address number and not once contacted me about the money they have collected! It’s not their money, I sent the form back 1st class so why is it not done yet nearly 3 weeks and still waiting
    Has anyone else had the same thing many thanks

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