CSA taking all of my money

May 21, 2009

There I was happily paying my CSA arrears via a company called Eversheds. I missed 1 payment, but then agreed to up my payments by 50%. I was still happily paying. A DEO then arrives in the post for the outstanding amount, by taking 33% of my salary, not good. I managed to convince Eversheds not to envoke this DEO and promised I could get a loan to pay off the whole amount, unfortunately this did not come to fruition and again, the DEO was sent to my employer. The 1st amount is coming out on Friday and I simply do not know where to turn. The money left will cover mortgage and household expenses etc but nothing else.

I really do feel let down by the system.

I have been speaking to Eversheds and I am, via a debt management company, able to pay 150% more to them than I was paying prior to the DEO.

The worst thing is that I will get paid on Friday and have no money for the rest of the month so something has to give somewhere, which means further debt.

I have explained this to Eversheds and they want none of it, tough is the basic answer.

I don’t want to give up a job I love and I am afraid that I will have to start hawking my stuff to make ends meet.

Anyone else ‘won’ against Eversheds….?