CSA takes my ex’s word over mine without proof

January 9, 2012

Csa have contacted me saying I owe  £4700 for arrears 2007 till 2010.

In this time my ex agreed that we would not go through Csa but pay direct. I paid £155 every month even through the times I was unemployed and also through a heart attack, the Csa contacted her and said in 2011 as my daughter is working we are closing the case and informed her there was £4700 outstanding which is made up of £30 per week for the duration.

I have sent some proof of payments in this time but a container I used got trashed and can’t find all of them, but found about £1500 worth so take one from the other you get £3200 they have £5300, my ex is one of these give a opening and she will make the most if I had not of been paying she would have been on phone years ago.

She knows I have paid in full so I asked Csa to ask her to prove I not paid. The answer stinks, if she won’t give in her bank statements they have take her word for it, they asked me to give bank statements to prove I went bankrupt 2006 and couldn’t get a bank account till last year so I paid direct into her account.

I am really struggling to get through to them to understand where I am coming from, what do I do ??”????


  • joanne says:

    You need to see an mp and write a letter of complaint to the agency, I’m pretty sure she has to provide proof aswel as yourself. Don’t take what the csa say at face value as they lie endlessly. Good luck.

  • chall says:

    Hi Mick,

    Did your ex claim benefits during that time?
    – if so, up till April 2010 when the full benefit disregard came into force, the CSA automatically became involved and a PWC on benefits was usually in no position to have a private agreement, as maintenance collected from the NRP was off set against the PWC benefits.

    When did you receive initial contact from the CSA ?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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