CSA takes money I have not earnt

January 18, 2011

Ok, after losing my house, and everything due to ex going bankrupt and forcing me down the same route i had to move 250 miles away from my 3 year old son to where my family suppport network is and also to find work. I picked my son up every month for a whole week, which means i have to pay fuel for 1000 miles alone just to pick him up etc. The csa dont take this into account.. instead they take £200 of my every month. Whilst the mother has had him on the at risk register 3 times in a year..despite me willing to take him on. (my £200 goes up her nose and she dont work) anyway thats social services for ya. (another protest to come)

Im now at university as i could not afford to live nor get any credit from banks etc so have deciding to do something to help me get more money in the future.

I gave the CSA 10 days notice but this was not good enough! as it did not give 14 days notice they have swiped £200 pounds of my student maitenance loan. I told them i have all the evidence to prove i have not earnt the money!! but they say “thats how the system works”.

Obviously im furious they have been a night mare the whole time i have been paying them (2 years never missed a payment)… – losing my letters/bank statements/pay statements,making mistakes taking too little then making me pay it all back in huge lump sumps that i cant afford! and charging a fortune to call them!! nevermind the fact the computers go down 50% of the time i call.

They have taken money of me i have not earnt..and this is legal becuase the goverment made it that way.

I will be protesting…and i will be heared.

thanks for reading.


  • Change your bank…It is all wrong. And social services fail children everyday.

  • Jezz Dobbs says:

    have u spoken to your MP? He will be able to fix it.

  • Jim Rigley says:

    They'd take the water out of your toilet if they could, faceless morons.

  • Phil Lee says:

    Nightmare – keep the faith, this scandalous org will not exist forever.

  • Mum of 3 says:

    Hi Andy

    Thats appauling, you should do as someone else has suggested and change your bank although I know it can be difficult to open a new account once bankrupt.

    Good Luck

  • How were they taking the money from you? Was it by direct debit? If it was, why did you not put a stop on the direct debit with your bank?If it was a Direct Debit, it again shows why we fathers must NEVER pay the CSA by Direct Debit. If you are going to pay them by an automated method then use a Standing Order so that you can change it at any time. Then you are under control of it, not the CSA! If you allow them to take by Direct Debit then they can take whatever they like, whenever they like.Try going to your bank and saying that this amount was illegally taken and was in breach of the Direct Debit Guarantee and that the bank must return the money and they must claim it back from the CSA.Similarly, if you receive a large amount of money, such as a student loan, put it into a Savings account where it can't be touched by other people and transfer what you need each month into your current account.

  • csanosetweaker says:

    A great to wind up the csa debt chasing people is by using their own rules against them. When they ring you they have to ask you several security questions but if you get one of them wrong then they have to terminate the call because they can’t be sure that your the right person.

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