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CSA takes money and doesn’t give it to the mother

Well, where should i start well i been csa for a decade now and seems i have to pay until my children are twenty why is that its move from 18-20 at these ages they suppose to have a job or in college . i contact csa mostly every month to sort out my csa payments and they keep telling me aload of rubbish that am coming to a decesion soon to stop working all together but its not my children fault why i want to do this its the csa.

They take money from you and dont give it to the mothers so i want to know where my hard cash is going .. i had a payment plan going at the moment of £400 per month . am paying for a child thats not even on the system , also am paying for csa error change from old system to new system . so now i got another letter saying i got to pay all this money by when they want us to . the mothers of my children phone csa and told them they want me to pay them directly csa ignore them and want to do what they pleased . is anyone in goverment can have a look into these matter that people going through .

Well now i want someone to contact me and sort this out asap as i am giving up on this pretty soon ….

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  1. bernard,

    This isn’t the CSA, you would need to contact them directly.

    It’s not clear if your case is on old rules OR has been phased onto current rules?

    Does your case have arrears?

    Prior to 14 July 2008 maintenance collected was either fully or partly off set against benefits that a PWC received and as such arrears accrued up to that date were either fully or partly due to the Secretary of State and will be collected.
    If any arrears are owed to the PWC, they can advise the CSA they do not wish for them to be collected.

    Can you give more details re ‘paying for a child thats not even on the system’


  2. If any arrears are owed to the PWC, they can advise the CSA they do not wish for them to be collected.

    Chall: ?

    are the CSA duty bound to inform you of this? as a NRP who has incurred arrears due to maladministration? as up untill 01/08/12 the CSA website core functions stated that the CSA ” will inform parents of all options”.

    Or is the word ALL disregarded? and the CSA have no duty to inform a NRP of this?

    Why would that be do you think? Genuine question.

  3. Stuart,

    I’m not sure, the CSA don’t seem ‘duty bound’ to do anything much. But maybe Alice could let us know.

    The CSA don’t owe a duty of care to it’s clients. If this were changed, I feel we would see a very different approach.

  4. Yes not duty bound by law to inform NRP’s of this fact, So therefore the core principles up to 1/8/12 were at best misleading at worst a lie.

    This must be wrong to publish as such and then act outside a core principle for many years?

    They have now changed the principles and do not work to any.

    If they now decide to charge for using the CSA then a duty of care must come with that.

  5. Stuart,

    I’m not sure P’sWC were even informed of the fact and given the choice.

    In total agreement. Once a charge is levied for their services, I fail to see they can get away with out owing a duty of care.

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