CSA takes every bit of overtime I earn

April 18, 2011

Hi all just found this website and finally it feels like i am not alone.

I pay the csa 37% of my wages every month for my three children and recently have been suffering with a long term knee injury where i cant work a whole month. I have a disabled girlfriend and dont get paid sick pay, and it appears when i dont earn enough to make the payments no money goes to the children from the csa but they put it on my back pay.

Also i have noticed that everytime i do overtime or get a bonus the csa takes it all. This seems really unfair as my ex earns more than i do has the big house and has a partner that lives with her and they take none of this into account.

Just thought i would share it with you all i know i need to pay for my kids just seems unfair that the ones that want to pay get taken for a ride


  • Ex CSA says:

    Did you advise CSA of your sickness/no pay? They should take it into account if you have reduced/no pay for extended period. If you do not tell them and the DEO is unable to collect amount due. The amount is added to your arrears.
    As you rightly state-as soon as there is extra income available it is taken to clear the arrears.
    You need to advise them of the change in your circumstances. Your assessment should reduce in line with your income. If this is a recurring problem they will have to adjust your assessment as your income will continue to fluctuate.

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