CSA takes different amounts from me each week

November 12, 2012

I am writting to you with regards to the payment deductions from my wages to the the Child Support Agency for my doughter Natalia Baranowska. I am concern about those deductions as I am recruitment agency worker (Randstad).

The deductions are being made every week, but they are not the same. Therefore every week there is a different sum of money taken from me- ranging from 15pounds up to 102 pounds a week. The sum left on my account is not beneficial to support my living expences. Shouldnt the sum be equal every week? I have not been provided with any documents showing the amount taken and the reasons why?

The mother of my doughter- Emilia Zyla, just had a second child with a different partner whom she lives with, she is receiving matternity pay and all the benefits.

Why the sum I am paying is so high while she receives all the other support such as child benefit etc?

Also myslef- working through agency have no equal emount of working hours, therefore I believe there is a problem somwewhere along the line.

Would you be able to reply to my query through the email or post with the breakdown of how much shall I be paying and why the sums are different every week.

Kind Regards
Marcin Baranowski


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  1. chall on November 12th, 2012 6:00 pm


    You should contact the CSA directly regarding your queries.

    The link below will take you to the contacting the CSA page.


  2. Alice on November 15th, 2012 7:48 pm

    If you are working varying hours per week the CSA would work out an average weekly wage using a minimum of 5 weekly wage slips. They will use this average as the base figure from which they calculate your maintenance assessment.
    As the money is being deducted from your wages this means that a Deduction of Earnings Order has been issued to your employer – you would have been issued with a collection schedule showing how much your employer is being asked to deduct from your wages per week. You can ask for a copy of this to be issued to you if you do not still have it.
    With a Deduction of Earnings Order you are entitled to 60% of your net weekly income as protected earnings – this is the amount that your employer must pay you from each wage.
    The figure set as your protected earning will be calculated as 60% of the average weekly wage previously calculated by the agency when doing the maintenance assessment.
    As your wages vary each week it may mean that some weeks your protected earnings would be breached if the employer took the amount the CSA asked for so on those weeks they will take less than is being requested, and any shortfall will be recouped from future wages when your earnings allow – for example

    if your average weekly wage is £200 and you are paying for 1 child and have no shared care your assessment will be £30 per week
    your protected earnings will be set at £120 per week
    if you have no arrears the CSA will issue a DEO for £30 per week
    if you work less hours and your pay in a particular week is £140 your employer will take £20 from your wages for CSA leaving a shortfall of £10
    if the following week you earn £190 your employer will take £30 for that week’s deduction and £10 for the shortfall from the previous week’s wages – you will be left with £150

    If you have arrears on your case the CSA would ask for £30 per week for your regular maintenance and an amount over and above towards the arrears.

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