CSA takes arrears out of my wages

April 21, 2012

Hi my name is Lee Davies and i live in Leeds over the past several years now about 3-4 years when ever ive been on sick at work and i’ve accumilated arrers the next month after ive been paid they not only take the agreed amount but they take everything else up to my protected earnings line, and on a couple of occations they’ve taken all of my overtime money,in one month they took 2 months money and just left me with my basic to live off.

I suppose what i’m trying to say is can they legally do this without first contacting me to arrange a reasonable amount that i can afford than taking it all at once,does that come under unlawful deduction of earnings.

The only contact i’ve had with the CSA is when we first agreed an amount over 3 years ago and i’ve no corrispondance since, but there happy to take my money but not talk to me, what do you think?


  • Carol says:

    I take it you pay by DEO from your wages direct. Your employe cannot leave you with less than the protected income the CSA have set.

    Although you pay an agreed amount every month, if one month you go into arrears the next month they will collect the agreed amount, together with any shortfall, as long as you do not go below the protected income levels.

  • John says:

    The money being taken over your protected earnings are your employers fault, not the Child Support Agency’s. It’s 60% of your earnings I believe. If you have been off ill, this is when it can kick in. They’re also allowed to take this out the next again month.

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