CSA taken one year, no letters and no joy

April 7, 2012

I have now been waiting one year for assistance from CSA. To date, I am none of the wiser! Despite lots and lots of telephone conversations and being told 4 months ago that my case has been passed to the Compliance Inspector I have still not received any written correspondenceI and I am being left in the dark! Surely a letter of reassurance that everything’s being done could have been sent,

I am aware that the father of my three children (who earns £90k pa) is considering emigratingI I am a working mum trying to compensate for what they use to have and find this so unfair! What happened to there new effective procedures.


  • Carol says:

    It’s not until you are in the system that you realise how bad it actually is!

    Keep pestering the CSA that is all you can do. Have they put an assessment in place yet? Maybe think about writing a formal complaint letter about the delays you have encountered.

    Can’t believe your ex earns £90,000 and you have to go through the CSA anyway!

  • claire says:

    Hi, I’m in the same situation, I’ve been in there system coming up a year and I have yet to recieve a call or letter from them. I call them every tree weeks but get told the same story every time. My ex partner is avoiding giving them any relivant details about his earnings so they can’t work out how much he should pay and for some reason can’t inforce a payment plan. I’m struggling on my own and in full time work but with childcare costs and still paying the debts he left me I’m slowly sinking into the red. Don’t understand why everything takes so long. Would have thought by now having known his lack of co operation they would have taken him to court by now. Hope you have some luck soon.

  • Pamela says:

    I would definitely advise you to put in a formal complaint.

  • Sharon says:

    Well my child’s father has been running from the csa for years. Not a penny paid for years. In fact I was told today he now owes 6600 . Our son is nearly 18. The csa have sent balifts out no joy. I know he is working so why can’t they find him. I was told today nothing will be done now until about years time when the new csa take over the arrears. What a joke

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