CSA take a DEO even though I am paying

December 5, 2011

Here we go again. The CSA have yet again decided to get in touch with me, this time to increase my monthly payments and include £2700 of arrears. In the last 7 years I have never missed a CSA payment. I pay by direct debit and I pay what I am told to pay – decided by my wage statements. A reassessment has decided I must pay more – thats fine but I have asked why are there arrears and how can you just call me out of the blue and ask me to pay so much money.

When I said i cant pay £2700 the case worker said we will deduct the money from your earnings. I was completley stunned by there attitude and how easy it is for someone to go and do this. I asked for a breakdown of where these arrears came from but she refused to explain and continues to repeat herself. After a heated conversation I hung up on her. My Ex has since told to the CSA that she does not want the arrears. You would think the problem is therefore resolved.

No chance. The CSA have still gone for a deduction of earnings for the monthly sum, despite me paying by direct debit. They have now told me that I must cancel the direct debit ???? This makes my blood boil and cannot beleive how ridiculous this whole situation is. I have since made a formal complaint and been told I will recieve a phone call within 3 working days – that was 10 days ago, and still I wait for there call. I have phoned back myself several times since but I get the same answer. The deduction from earnings order will still go ahead ??

Why I asked. Surely you can see from my history that I am a good payer of CSA. Ive realised this does not make a blind bit of difference. I have never met a more usless organisation in my life, and one that can cause people so much unneccessary stress.

Still Baffled over CSA logic


  • joanne says:

    Complain via letter, never deal with them on the phone, say you want a breakdown of these arrears as requested, which they can’t refuse by the freedom of information act. Get your mp involved aswel, they shouldn’t get away with doing this to already paying dads, makes me so angry. Good luck.

  • steve says:

    Write in to the complaints section explaining you wish to have a face to face interview. Request details of all liabilities and payments made via the CSA.requesr copies of all assessments issued.this will take time and cost a tenner.then sit and wait.they will have to do this.I wish I could speak to you directly.

  • Steve Basson says:

    Thanks for your comments. I have since written to the CSA to formally complain as your suggested. The DEO has been stopped and I am waiting for a reassessment. My direct decit has been stopped so I now pay over the phone until they sort their figures out. Despite the arrears not being wanted by my Ex, the CSA will not write them off, and the arrears debt just sits there until the children turn 18 or leave full time education. Anyway I await with baited breath to see if the CSA can get my payment figure right so that I can set up another standing order.
    I must admit, having read many other posts on this website, my problem is nothing compared to some people.
    Steve B

  • janet says:

    WelL if your ex was on benefits before 2010 then the debt still stands so arrears won’t be wiped

  • janet says:

    The arrears are because you had a re assesment and they add on the difference in payments as assesment can take 12 weeks

  • janet says:

    Also if your ex has rung them to cancel arrears then she needs to cancel whole claim you need to man up n pay obviously u earning more

  • Steve Basson says:

    Thanks for your comments Janet. No she was not on benifits. I travel 600 miles round trip to see my children every month, sometimes twice, and this comes at a cost to me. She has is earning more than me and can afford to buy brand new £45K Mercedes Benz cars, have 2 or 3 holidays a year etc etc – and good for her and for our children, they do very out of both of us. 3 years ago the good old CSA said I had paid £3000 in over payments – which I said I didnt want because at the time it would have caused her problems – so I think Ive manned up quite well.
    Now that I have my own home with a mortgage (because our home went to her) my money (and I dont dont earn big money) after my mortgage payment, my CSA payment and seeing my children etc etc soons goes – therefore an errears debt that has come out of the blue is not welcome. My ex has decided not to take it anyway. The CSA have also made a mistake in their figures, which they have now admitted too. Like I said, Ive always paid CSA, and always manned up. My issue was the DEO.

  • Trevor says:

    I’ve been paying CSA for the past 4 years, completed every document that they have ever requested, informed them when I have received any salary increase and not missed a single payment via DD.

    Suddenly they tell me that there was a miscalculation and i was in arrears
    On contacting them, I found out that there was also an error in my favour, in that they have not taken into account my personal prnsion contributions or the fact thay my son stays with me on bi-weekend visits and school term holidays.

    I requested copies of my original forms, because i wanted to double check (though i knew full well I had), that there was information regarding my personal pension in the forms i completed
    Their responce IGNORED!

    I sent, via fax (so have evidence of it being sent), full details of my pension TWICE and full details of my son’s visits
    their responce

    Suddenly I receive a ‘direct from salary’ order from them, stating I was refusing to pay, which was a complete lie, I was paying, but disputing the actual amount and was waiting for them to recalculate.

    I contact them to request:
    1. that they recalculate the correct contributions
    2. That I have a full breakdown of how the arrears have grown (which is my legal right)
    Again, IGNORED
    3. a responce to answere why I am being treated like a criminal, whith the embaressment of my employer now thinking I had refused to assist in the up keep of my child
    Again IGNORED

    CSA are an arrogant bunch of idioits, who are incompetent and acting, at times, illegally

  • john says:

    i have been paying csa for 14 years and have experenced every trick in the book,

    Trevor . the csa must first receivec from you a completed a maientene enquiry form. only then can they issue a deduction from earnings order. Also you have to give written concent to your emploer for them to deduct any payments from your earning. this is covered by the Employment Rights Act 1996 section 13:

    Accordingly your employer can demand to see proof from the csa which clearly proves that you are liable for the debt (arrears)before any payments can be deducted.

    with regards to information held by the csa relating to you. write and ask for your DPA pack which comes under the Data Protection Act Section 7 clearly staing you require all data held about including notepad notes and computer notes, this will cost you 10 pounds.

    you will be amazed with the incorrect information you will find.

    good luck


  • Mole says:

    Hi John

    My husband has had all kinds of issues with CSA which I have dealt with, with help from my MP.

    I requested all infer held by them under Data Protection Act and paid the £10, I received stuff dating back to 2006 however the case opened in 2004 and that is the time period I have queries on. When I called them to tell them that I had not received all of the info they just said they did not know why and there was nothing they could do about it? Any ideas. I have put letters of complaint into them but not had a response, Don’t really want to put this onto my MP as they are helping me with so many current issues we are having with the CSA.

  • Brian says:

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.

    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA. You’ll be amazed how many NRPs together we can get better, improved, group response. Don’t let the MP do nothng! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed to piss them off and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods..please pass this message on.

    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off 😉


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