CSA take 11 years to process a claim

April 1, 2008

In a tale of truly staggering incompetence, the Child Support agency managed to take 11 years to process the DNS test requested by alleged Father Darren Standen, before sending him a bill for child support from 1994. Darren now fears that the CSA will be trying to extort more that £20,000 from him, for a 16 year old daughter he never knew he had.

Darren asked for a DNA test. If it proved positive he planned to fulfil his responsibilities. But no test was given and, hearing no more, he assumed there must have been another father after all.

Suddenly in 2004 the CSA informed him he WAS financially liable for the child. In 2006 Darren finally got the DNA test he had requested in 1995.

Once again the CSA escaped any blame by saying they couldn’t comment on individual cases. Well we at CSAHell.com can comment on individual cases… and we will comment.

This is yet another example of how utterly useless and incompetent the child support agency are, and how yet another father is being forced to pay to cover for their mistakes. How many more times must honest, hard working people be made to pay for their inability to do their job?

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  • iamhermother says:

    Firstly I am the childs mum and Mr Standen is such a liar about what he says
    I was not a woman I was a 15yr old child when I had a year long relationship with Mr Standen who was a 20yr old man. It was not a fling Mr Standen had given me a engagement ring. I told Mr Standen I was pregnant the day I did test. Again saw Mr Standen when 6mths Pregnant when I was threatened to have the B’ Child kicked out of me. In 1993 Mr Standen went AWOL from army and came to my home my daughter was 18mths old he declared he was her dad yet paid no attention to her. He was aur comments lso given my contact details so he could arrange to visit her. Mr Standen never contacted me. In 1994 CSA asked if I was happy to have DNA tests done and I was as I knew results already. In 2004 Contact was established again with me and Mr Standen and it was agreed he could meet daughter. He then had every weekend contact with daughter and she would go to his home with his family. Mr standen had stopped contact with daughter 6 month later. After CSA had decided they was happy to accept Mr Standen to be her father on his say so and also the prove I provided for them Mr Standen then insisted DNA be done on daughter at 15yrs old who was very upset to have to do this. After Positive result Mr Standen has gone out of his way to delay assessment being completed. Mr Standen has managed to hurt his daughter and she will have to live the next 60 yrs or so with this. She was distraught by this story printed and has made her very depressed.
    The Delays from the CSA I agree are with Mr Standen but this is for him to take up through the proper channels.As I have. The CSA are to blame for most delays in this case but not to blame for Mr Standen not having relationship with daughter. Mr Standen is to blame for that and no one else.

    I have prove of Mr Standens Lies and his lies shall be exposed.
    Also Mr Standen why is it you are so content on causing the pain and distress to your daughter. I can prove your lies and am willing to do so. But this will not be at the expense of my daughters welfare.

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