CSA System does not work

November 29, 2011

I have seen many cases whereby the lone and the absent parent seem to battle between each other whom is the better off financially. For myself, who is a absent parent pays over £500 pcm on a single child and unfortunately due to that fact cannot no longer afford travel costs to keep contact with the child. I do believe however the system should be fair to both parents – but the real issue is that contact and maintenance are never linked together in a court of law, and this I feel is fundamentally wrong. I do not begrudge paying maintenance for children, but nor do I expect the lone parent to sit on their backside eating all day and getting handouts from the government and new partners they may (ulimately) live with.

My case is not unique in that my current partner salary is taken into account, yet the parent with access has met a partner and because he is self employed, does not have to disclose disposable income.

Furthermore I have applied for a contact departure (which allows the CSA to consider travel costs). However in order to qualify you need to keep up contact in the first place – chicken and egg springs to mind!

I work very hard for my money and have real pleasure in knowing this goes to a fat lazy person whom sits on their backside all day.


  • janet says:

    Due to change in law lone parents must seek work ie job seekers! So not every lone parent is on they’re backsides

  • DNK says:


  • janet says:

    Teach all the men out there to be more careful

  • A decent-woman says:

    Why don’t the women be more careful!!! Why is it always the man who should be careful!

    If a woman wants to get pregnant she easily can! Women sadly are very much in charge.

    They are in charge of contraception, conception, whether to keep or abort a pregnancy, whether the man is involved in the pregnancy or upbringing.

    and the CSA help them all the way to the bank!!

  • janet says:

    Yes I agree however all the nrp blame the women it takes two to tango and I say thank god to the csa as many men would get away with not paying there are many women who work to provide for the children not to have a life on benefits

  • A decent-woman says:

    They blame the women because in a lot of cases the women aided by the CSA , destroy their dignity, make them feel hopeless and helpless before screwing them to the wall!

    Yes, many women do work, but many do not and the CSA aid them, especially as now they can claim full benefits and keep all of their CSA money, where is the incentive for certain women to work.

    If the CSA was a fairer system, it would not encourage men to avoid paying! If women did not stop contact and use their children or reduce contact to claim more CSA or if women spent the money on the children then men would feel more inclined to pay. I am not saying all women are like this at all.

    I agree there are bad guys out there but there just as many scrounging women who use the CSA to its full dispicable advantage.

    Nobody in their right mind would ever use the CSA, if my ex suddenly decided to stop paying voluntarily (which he won’t he is decent) I would never entertain the CSA . I would not inflict the CSA on anyone. The sooner it is dismantled the better. I feel they are well on the way to dismantling hence why they have let the PWC’s keep the benefits and all CSA monies. There is no reason for the CSA to stay now.

    They will continue to persecute those who owe or those who have a DEO upon them, and keep taking fictious arrears until the benefit of collecting monies outweighs the cost of keeping the CSA staff in place.

  • mslcolm says:

    This system victimises the children involved. It ensures that they become commodities. The mothers use them to extract as much money on top of benefits that they can. This is wasted with no benefit to the children. New partners should instantly become financially responsible. The absent father is left with no spare cash to take his kids out. The mother has no incentive to work until the children are 18. The mothers do just sit around all day. The stress of the situation for fathers leads to alternative responses. It will be better for most fathers in low paid work/ high rent areas not to work. This won’t lead to any change in their relationship with the children, may even enhance it and it screws the ex over. I had worked every day of my life until the CSA order arrived. My ex wife is livid but it’s nice having more time for the children and see the appeal for these fat lazy women. It also, ironically, costs the country more, because men ate not mugs, we will cut our official hours or not work at all. Get rid of the CSA, the women already get benefits, the husbands contribution is providing the booze, fags, and tattoos. Let the fathers spend their money to improve the life experience of these children so badly affected by relationship breakdown and financial penury.

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