CSA – Stern resistance and no refunds

May 8, 2013


I have just recieved an attachment of earnings at £106 a week. They have basically capped my wages at £167 regardless of what i earn as there is a debt on the account. My weekly bills total more than that, Petrol to work £50, rent £74, council tax £20. then there is utilities, car insurance, food (i am a type 1 diabetic so looking after my diet is improtant) I spoke to CSA last friday to make my usual £50 payment until they sorted out how much I was to pay. I asked about the attachement and the woman said that they would start taking it next week, so the mug that I am handed over £50 on the phone. I then checked my bank to see what I had left and realised that they had taken the £106 out of my wages already. This left me with £117 to pay all bills. I tried to recover the money but was met with stern resistance. The CSA DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS!!!!! Now I am in the position of having to beg for a sub from a new employer to get to work this week. The £50 I borrowed will come out of next weeks wages, back to square one. Shortly the bills will mount up or I wont be able to run the car to get to work. Hobsons choice. If I go to work other bills will not be paid, if I dont go to work I risk prison as I was advised. I am starting to record all calls now with the csa as the level of help I recieve is disgusting and also the manner in which I am spoken to is disgusting. By putting me out of work how the hell is this helping my children or my ex’s? How is this helping the economy? Why can they not add up? All I get met with is ‘oh we don’t take that into consideration’! How can they not? Is petrol in the car not a requirement to get to work when you live 30 miles away from your place of work? Is rent and council tax not a reqirement to pay? Does a type 1 diabetic not need to eat? I currently have a broken tooth which requires dental treatment, I cannot afford to have it seen to. This is beyond a joke and the powers that be should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a travisty to continue. Quite frankly the organisation should be held accountable for every suicide that they cause and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Ethics comes to mind, this country is so full of do gooders and yet the same tossers allow things like this to continue. Forgive the rant but my stress levels are through the roof now, the thought of not seeing my children is weighing heavy on me, I feel physically sick and totally violated and helpless.
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  • Lisa says:

    Ignore.the twattery the csa idiots speak, firstly for your own health your better off.not working, secondly they cannot threaten.you with prison, only a.magistrate can.do that, if you feel your health will suffer.due.to this then dont work, but please dont be bullied by the shower of shit at csa, you.pay there wages remember, as the tax payer, its better for your kids being there for them, cant put a price on health and a relationship with your kids

  • eddie says:

    It would be great if everyone who was “ASSESSED” by this agency resigned from work. They have set the level of financial support that NRPs are to pay far to high and do not consider personal capacity to deal with this level of stress. The organisation is inhuman and uses a one formula approach for all and also does not assess the income of the PWC. This should be deducted as the method use means that children apparantly need varying measures of financial support….. The law only states that we (as NRPs) have a responsibility to our children (as If we didn’t know). PWCs are not told what % of their income should be spent on our kids why should we be. As stated before I think that a collective approach needs to be taken and I would like to promote networking and setting up a charity to fight this injustice for both PWCs and NRPS. If anyone knows a solicitor that would like to be patron tht would be a good start. if anyone believes that a union or collective approach would be beneficial in challenging the CSA lets start networking by contacting me at [email protected].

    Good luck to all.

  • Iruler08 says:

    Andrew I feel for you and so many so called NRP’s (hate the word!!).
    Good you are recording all conversations but taped conversations may not be admissible as evidence if you did not inform the other person it was being taped, I say may because I am challenging the CSA who did this to me (entrapment). Rule of dealing with CSA is you do everything in writing, they will threaten you saying you are be uncooperative!! This is bull, so long as you respond to their mail within a reasonable time then you are under no obligation to talk over the phone.. CSA are the masters at threats but when you ask hard questions they then opt to go to court. You mention going to prison?? If you cannot afford to pay say from having no job the they cannot force blood out of a stone. First thing you need to sort out is access and in your case I would try and get shared residence especially if you can show the kids are now being used as a weapon against you. Again some judges see the light others particularly older ones who went to boarding school and only saw their dads once in a while, still hold their own resentments. (my theory) Hopefully you may get a decent judge. I’m in court challenging the CSA 24th June Plymouth Crown Court Regina v Egonu so if you fancy seeing someone challenge the CSA then I hope to see you there. I am representing myself, mad but necessary, how many dads have thousands to spend? And CSA know that!!

    If I don’t see you please sign this petition – http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42211

    Good Luck and keep fighting!!

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