CSA steals child tax credit from disabled child

February 5, 2010

Mine is a complicated story.

I have four children, two children are from a previous marriage and I have been waiting for the CSA to track my ex husband down and this has been going on for TEN YEARS despite having legal documents sent the them with a legal address on it!!!!

My husband has two children from a previous marriage also, one has left home so we only have to pay for one through DEO but I believe that we should be paying her nothing, the reason being is that one of our children has a lifelong illness and needs constant care, my husband ex wife’s get 15% of our child tax credit and in that tax credit £4000.00 of that is for my disabled child but the CSA still use this as income!!!!!

I got told by the CSA that they do not take into account Disability so when we tried for a variation of costs guess what? They used the disability money I get for my son so we dont get any money off the assessment. They dont take into account our mortgage, utility bills etc and this is not fair as our outgoings have doubled since my son went into a coma with his illness and to care for him costs us loads of money as he needs a special diet, constant trips to hospital, if he gets ill I need to keep a constant eye on him as he could so easily slip into another coma.

Another thing what annoys me is that if the Disability living allowance was in my husband’s name we would only be paying the flat rate of £5.00 then money taken off for the children we have at home so we would not be paying her anything, they take the Child tax credit into account which is based on both parents so why even though there is disability on the Child tax credit form do they not use that and say ok they have a disabled child and they are getting money for a disabled child we will only make them pay the flat rate and their child is obviously sick and need the money but this is the CSA were talking about, my son’s health is going downhill as we can’t provide for him the right food as we need to provide a roof over the children’s heads, not only that because we cannot provide him with what he needs he could suffer Organ failure that is any of his organ’s, he could lose his eyesight, have amputation and he can even face death.

Our other three children are going without as well, we are getting more and more into debt as we cant afford to buy the children clothes unless we get it through a catalogue or on credit cards, my children would dearly love to go to clubs, football, dancing, hockey but their lives have to be put on hold because of the unfairness of this system.

The CSA’s MOTTO is if you dont make these payments you are putting your child into POVERTY well what about the four we have living with us the CSA ARE PUTTING THEM INTO POVERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This system is a complete and utter joke, my husband has been paying his ex wife for 13 years, I have been with him for 8 years and he has also sold the house they shared it was in negative equity when she left, she left him with all the debts of the marriage and also took all the furniture that they had leaving him with just an empty shell and she got £6000.00 from the sale of this house whilst still paying her maintenance, so my husband has never shirted his responability to his children it’s just when we really need the money the CSA don’t care.


  • chall says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Can you confirm whether both your and your OH cases are CSCS or CS2?

    At http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk we also find it disgraceful that the disability element of CTC is taken into account when calculating child maintenance and we have included such in on our petition – which is still open for signatures.

    We also have a forum, please feel free to join us.

  • Elizabeth Roderkerken says:

    i think this is so wrong i have the same problem and am trying to do something about it as it’s unfair and wrong!

  • lisa says:

    OMG how could they stoop so low to do this to you when your child was so ill, i hope you gave them the kick up the arse for it refunding, makes me feel sick to my stomach reading this, parasites the CSA they should be ashamed

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