CSA Stealing my Army Pension

February 22, 2012

I’ve been out of the Army since completion of 22 years full colour service since November 2005. My pension was paid immediately. All going to plan.

I was single – divorced. My daughter Kimberly was 18, and living with her mother back in Wales. I’d paid CSA until she was 18.

So. My monthly pension is £555. Every month without fail.

THIS month – February 2012, I see my pension has suddenly dropped to just £330.30p. I had no idea why.
On contacting Army Pensions in Glasgow, they tell me that the Child Support Agency have started taking over £200 from my account for reasons unknown.


I have no other children – just my Daughter, Kimberly who is 24 this coming September and has a daughter of her own.
How the hell can the CSA STEAL money direct from my account like this?

This needs sorting NOW. I have my house to pay and am suffering due to this crime against me. For them it’s obviously just a mistake – for me – it’s keep or lose my house if this isn’t sorted quickly. Costing me a fortune now, making phone calls back to the UK. I live in Holland.


  • bob says:

    More info needed

  • excityboy says:

    Its Possible that this is a case of arrears. CSA payments last up to 19 if the child is in full time education. If you just stopped paying on the assumption you were right to do so at the age of18 then they can put an attachment of earnings or pension on you at any time for arrears. If your daughter was 18 and left full time education your last payment would have been 1 month after child benefit had stopped. Perhaps your ex could help if this was the case. Its her receiving the money now so she must know something about this. If you are on good terms you could sort it out with her and ask her to get the CSA to correct their mistake if it is one. If not you could contact your daughter and ask her to get some sort of confirmation of leaving full time education at 18 years old that you could forward to the CSA. You might not want to hear this but if your daughter was still in full time education up to 19 then you have no choice but to pay. If she left at 18 and you can prove it, you are still in for a battle until those idiots get their act together.

    Good Luck

  • Gary Phillips says:

    Ok. Further to my original post on this subject.

    First of all, thank you for your replies and added information.

    I’ve finally been in touch with the csa, and the correct department. I spoke to a guy called Keith who was helpful in telling me all about the matter in question.

    It IS arrears. It wasn’t anything to do with having to pay for my daughter until she was 19 and stopped full time education, as the calls I’d made when she was 18 confirmed that my payments would stop. And they did.
    I – apparently – still owe £4,800 to the Government. NOT to my ex wife.
    This bill should have arrived at my doorstep in 2005, but the CSA were going through a lot of changes and under immense pressure to disband, so I’m gathering a lot of paperwork was carelessly overlooked – FOR SEVEN YEARS !

    THEN I could have arranged a loan and paid it off.
    NOW I have my house to pay and it is one hell of a task to just survive.
    They have offered to drop the monthly catch up payments to between £85 and £100. But – seeing as I find myself unemployed for the last 2 months, and my house costing £300 more than my pension – with NO unemployment benefit at the moment – (trying to sort this out, but it’s a pain in the proverbial), I’m well and truly in the thick brown stuff.
    Thank you, Csa for your total incompetence yet again.
    You’re killing people out here.

  • John says:

    The old arrears chestnut! Do NOT take anything this lot do on face value! They are liars and thieves! For them not to inform you of the arrears and going straight for your pension must be illegal!

    Ask for written proof from the CSA and you should make a complaint to the CSA in any event as they have left it 7 years. You should get an automatic £250 consolatory payment!

    Ask for a full breakdown of the arrears, then go to your M.P. and complain to them.

    I would also write to Maria Miller at the DWP, to make her aware of the CSA shambles!

  • mark says:

    i have just been medically discharged for the Royal marines and shall soon be receiving my disability pension. can the thieving bunch of non caring [email protected]@r$$ touch it? they have already stiched me up with arrears that suddenly appeared. my soon leaves college on the 5th of april, he is 18, as his course finishes, his mother lied and said he is staying on an extra 6 months until he enter the army which i know is a complete lie, but how do i prove he has left college. she is bound to lie she is in the same catagory as the csa. people need to see and realise the damage these people do. i have my own family now and the pension will be all i have

  • Simon Smith says:

    Right due to leave the RN in 17 very soon, what is the crack with the CSA and monthly pensions, do they count the pension as a source of income..
    I’ve got 3 kids With two different women,, 1 got to the eldest is 16 but still in film
    Time education the other is younger.

    The other parent thinks she should be getting more for the other child as She said when he leaves I shouldn’t get more should this be the case ??

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