CSA Steal money from non resident parents

March 5, 2008

ONWWW have been trying for some time now to get answers about what happens to the money the CSA collect from non resident parents (including myself). It seems that the money paid to parents with care from both the CSA and the benefits agency combined is LESS than the amount collected by the CSA.

ONWWW claims that the CSA doesn’t even count the money it collects, they just pass it to the treasury for them to do with as they please.

So the government makes a tidy profit from non resident parents as a result of the CSA. Personally I’d prefer it if my children received the money I pay, after all that is the general idea isn’t? I’m being forced to pay out 25% of my income to some all powerful body on the basis that my children benefit from it, yet they only receive a small fraction of that money.

What happens to the rest of it?

ONWWW try to find out with little success. CSAhell.com may need to lend their support and find answers.


  • CSAusafsa says:

    Expose the CSA for what it is – a goverment tax collection agency . Lots of questions that we as citizens have a right to ask. Not enough answers , not enough justice in this country.

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