CSA staff member was making it up as he went along

November 22, 2011

My ex partner and I split in 2007 we have a 5 year old son. I’m only allowed to see him once every 2 weeks for 5 hours.

CSA make me pay £400pm, I tried to work more overtime to get the money together to take my ex to court to seek more access, over night stays etc…

The more money I earnt the more CSA took off of me. I don’t begrudge paying for my son at all but I find it difficult to understand why I pay more than others and also why others get off Scott free and don’t pay a penny.

Recebtly I decided to change jobs but this meant that I would have a period of a few weeks without any money coming in.

I contacted the CSA to let them know my change in circumstances. At the time I was told by a nice bloke that he would set a nil rate for a set period then i was to send my first 2 payslips when I recieved them so they could recalculate.

As soon as I recieved my first payslips i sent them off as trequested and also saved some cash for the back payments for the months that i missed. I then recieved a phone call from the CSA stating that I failed to pay x amount and that they were seeking to take the money straight out of my account.

I explained to the man on the phone the situation and he said could I make a contribution. I said yes and made him an offer. He took the money and said wait for your new calculation etc..

A few days later I recieved another letter stating that I failed to make payments. So I rang them to ask what the hell was going on. I had this dithering twat who didn’t have my case files open stating I owed them this and that. I instructed him to open the file and look at the notes. He then appologised and said eveything was in hand. These people make it up as they go along and are completely incompetent.

ONE final question to PWC do youy recieve all the money that NRP’s give the CSA?


  • leigh says:

    The csa do tell you different things which does do your head in hopefully they have sorted it in your case I know they do then backdate the 2 month previous when your assesment is done the nrp recieves all the money

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Do NOT deal with the CSA over the phone.
    You are told different things, different amounts by different people.
    Deal only by post.
    Keep a copy of both yours and CSA correspondence.
    File in date order.

  • Brian says:

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.
    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA.

    Don’t let the MP do nothing! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed to piss them off and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods.

    Please pass this message on.
    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off


  • chall says:

    Quote Danny; ONE final question to PWC do youy recieve all the money that NRP’s give the CSA?

    Private clients (PWC) have always ((or should have)) received the full amount of maintenance collected by the CSA .
    In April 2010 a full benefit disregard was introduced, this means a PWC on benefits can now keep all of the maintenance collected, except for any arrears that were accrued prior to April 2010 that are being repaid by the NRP.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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