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CSA staff member tells fathers to commit suicide

This week we posted a story direct to our Facebook page about the New Fathers 4 Justice protest that took place in Dudley. The protest post created a number of comments on our Facebook page, including one from someone called Jamie Smith, who suggested that the fathers involved in the protest were trying to avoid paying for their children and how he’d like to see them throw themselves off a very tall building.

This was very unpleasant, but as this website found out, Jamie actually works for the Child Support Agency. He works for the CSA in Belfast, and he frequents our Facebook page posting comments about how non-resident parents shouldn’t have had kids if they can’t pay for them. His most offensive comment reads thus:

“what a joke – a load of blokes who cudnt keep their pants on and expect to get away without paying. Id pay some of them to jump off some ver tall buildings with their batman suits on – then we’ll see how man they are lol”

We’re disgusted by this man’s comments and his attitude towards fathers, yet he seems typical of the sort of person who works for the CSA. Hopefully the CSA will take action against him for his offensive and hurtful comments towards a sector of society that is already under immense pressure, and a number of fathers have already taken their own lives as a direct result of the CSA. People like Jamie already have blood on their hands; his outburst merely goes to show that some of the CSA staff are proud of that fact.

Here’s his comment from the Facebook page – please become a fan of the page if you haven’t already, and you can benefit from even more advice and news about the CSA.

Jamie Smith's comments about NRPs

33 thoughts on “CSA staff member tells fathers to commit suicide

  1. Jamie its not just the blokes you got mums that don't pay and cant keep there knickers on n just have another kid to stop working…so it happens both sides

  2. If she dnt want to then no she shouldn't I have always given my kids the choice on wot they want

  3. Speak 2 a solicitor about reimbursement 4 out of pocket expenses as the court have organised the contact centre. If he's employed it the CSA who should b sorting out maintenance – no joy with them speak 2 ur MP. We should use government official 2 rectify these problems that's why their paid

  4. this is the type of scum that the agency employ. This should go the highest authority within goverment and an internal investigation started. Scum like this should pay for the cruelty of their words.. with their jobs.Forfeiture of job, pension rights and a letter of apology from this piece of trash should be placed within the public domain.

    Ian Duncan Smith.. if you or your minnions within the DWP read this website… take note.. Be a man and sort this problem out .. once and for all.


  5. I say we should all send a letter of complaint about his conduct to the csa in belfast and at least get him the sack, then write to mps quoting this site so they can see what people are up against with the csa then write about it to a national newspaper. If enough people stand up and shout it might just get into the media and into the public eye again then something might be done about the evil that is the csa!

  6. The problem is because of the things F4J have done they have become a joke/laughing stock – so no one takes them seriously and it takes away what their ’cause’ is for. The agency employ anyone who will work for them – I challenge them to let me ‘work’ there with the Chief Exe – to go through changes I believe they could make to make things fairer.

  7. Rach, I wish the media would take this seriously as me and Lisa have tried (sure others have too) and we nearly got on GMTV, nearly got in The Sun, nearly got in other nationals too – but at last minute (after photos/interviews,etc) was dropped! Why ?

  8. The press and media will not cover it because of an agreement with government called and other agency’s ‘common purpose’, It can be found on the internet. This is what you are up against!

  9. Because Father’s for justice have made it acceptable to laugh at them, I am sure Jamie was not being serious. It should also be recognised that there are many Fathers out there who do not want to pay for their children’s upkeep which is why we need an organisation like the CSA in the first instance. Not all Fathers are as good as those from FFJ

  10. Sharon

    I agree with your statement that there are many fathers out there who do not want to pay for their children’s up keep. THIS IS THE GROUP THAT THE CSA SHOULD BE TARGETING AND CLAIMING BACK THE MONEY FROM.

    Not the many thousands of NRPs who do pay, who are willing to pay, who want to pay.. but unfortunately these NRP’s are the ones being targeted by the agency.

    The FFJ have raised the plight of many and I personally support them for their actions. Its just a pity that the general public have lost interest in this unfortuante plight.

    This is when our elected Goverment should stand up and take action. Not give flowery speeches about the injustice of it all… actions speak a lot louder than mere words alone.

  11. This is exactly why the CSA/CMEC has to go. It is discriminating between the ones who do pay, and the ones who don’t.

    The fact we are stuck with a bunch of administrative to–ers, including Jamie Smith says it all. His ‘job for life’ is about to disappear along with his gold plated pension!

  12. wow think there may be a few csa workers now checking out this site and defending the csa and scum like Jamie

  13. I think you’re right Rach – you’d ‘think’ they’d have the intelligence to stay off the site when they’re so obvious to spot and they’re coming under the spotlight for their offensive attitudes.

    You’d think.

  14. They know of all the sites, and I have been on most of them, and I don’t give two hoots, I will not be silenced!

    All I can say is that I paid and wanted to pay for my children……but I have been treated like scum, by these incompetent amateurs. They have had it too good for too long, and they will soon ‘reap what they have sewn’….when the system is dismantled and they are left penniless, lets see how they feel?

    What comes around goes around!

  15. i agree csa is a monster but not just for nrp or fathers ! they cost me a bloody fortune too ya know!!
    they lost the cash they had been paid by nrp.
    even tho the bank etc proved monies had been paid religously since the”start date,
    csa still wouldnt give me it until they could trace it, exactly.
    this took nrly a yr! ( if it hadnt have been for a kind n sensible member of the csa staff an,d a bit of kind but frustrated, intervention from the ex’s new wife (who normally csa wont speak to even tho the cheques came out of her bank account !! ) i still probly, wouldnt have it !
    they did give me a few quid in comp’nstn,but, it wasnt anywhere near enough to cover the emense ‘knock on effect it had on my finacial affairs. ie late payment fees, huge costs to my phonebill to call csa, plus all the things it affected like,
    eg, my daughter havin to miss being a bridesmaid at her godparents weddin 300 miles away.(just did not have the cash for fuel n accom )
    having to give up the only outside activity she had -horse riding. (this happened coz her dad couldnt pay for it any more due to csa payments an i wasnt gettin what he’d payed so poor kid lost a years riding tuition, and shes flamin good too!) ..
    i guess what im sayin or rather asking is, if the csa is abolished , who will look out for those of us whos ex’s need’ a bit of a shove to make them deal with n cough up for their children.
    it took 8 yrs to get sorted, i just couldnt handle ( finacially n mentally) goin through the process again. clearly anything could be n improvement for all involved ,but what would be an alternative to the fiasco we have at the moment?

  16. the lib dems idea of linking it up with inland revenue is a good one, but i really think they need to start from scratch and not keep the csa until its up and running like they have with cmec. anyone still owed money should be able to go to court and reach a mutually fair agreement which is something the csa just dont do they say you owe such amount then dont back down or negotiate even when they have wrongly calculated assessments

  17. Rach…..your right. CSA do not appear accountable to anybody. It’s about time they got their backsides kicked for failing to colect money, but also for the serious errors that they continually make.

    Unfortunately, it is a ‘closed shop’ of civil servants.

    Other bodies such as the police have the IPCC, when they are found to have made serious mistakes with cases.

    Politicians, the ICE, the PHSO are all as thick as thieves and in it together, covering for one another, and as long as this is allowed to continue, there never will be any transparency, fairness and openess! There is more chance of finding the ‘holy grail’, than getting a straight answer out of any of them!

  18. CSA= Gestapo…..what possible job satisfaction can you get working for such a hated organisation. ?
    I am a NRP and have always paid and yet have been treated like absolute scum by the CSA over the last 10 yrs ….
    Go on the CSA website and look for ” when will my payments end ?” wont find it in any PDF downloads but you WILL find plenty of ” what we will do to you if you dont pay ”
    If any other organisation had been responsible for so many fathers taking thier own lives they would be shut down and the Directors held accountable…..but these idiots get away scot free and yet they are culpable of manslaughter
    They make the rules up as they go along ………I hooe they all get thier come uppance one day …….

  19. Jamie, you and me in a room together, alone, Ill show you how man I am. 4 1/2 years of legal battles to see my daugter and a maggot like you says that… bring it on.

  20. jamie smith is right, he is not talking about the fathers who paid or pays look at how money that is been owing by those father who not take on thier responsibilities while some of us lone parent struggle on next to nothing.why have they make chldren they not going to pay for? then some of those very fathers go out making more children even though they cant support the one/ones they already have somewhere else.
    sanction sanction i would say if they on benefit stop it, if they working find them and make sure the pay. class their nonpayment as a lone.
    why are some of those father who dont pay hiding any way.the fact they made children they dont pay for is a crime.

  21. I was a single parent and csa have told me that my ex is too expensive to chase, I’m also an nrpp and my partner who has provided for his children, who now have children of their own is hounded for arrears on a case that we never knew existed because they have put it upon themselves to ignore a court order…go figure! You tell us that csa was set up for deadbeats so why aren’t they chasing them, but instead hound the dads and indeed mothers who are paying and willing to pay? It needs to start being honest and fair, until it is you will have a lot more moaning.

  22. Hi I’m a father like many others when my now ex walked out one evening with my daughter. The CSA then sent me the paperwork at the beginning to fill out all my bank details but even tho I sent it off decided to attach it to my earnings so the money is taken directly out of my wages. So the paperwork was a complete waste of time. I have been paying CSA for 10 or so months and I have still payed even though I hadn’t seen my daughter for these 10months as my ex has made it difficult for me. I do not object to paying for my daughter at all but when I’m left with about 150 pound a month for food,petrol and I don’t even contribute to gas and electric as I don’t have the spare cash. I would like to know how this is fair when I work as hard as everyone else and sometimes wonder why I bother! Things need to be made more even as the dads out there who want to be dads are being shafted. Hope ur reading this CSA

  23. jamie smith, what a prick, as for the rest of them that work for the csa i’ll say no more. I don’t disagree with paying for my daughter but when they break up homes and relationships and don’t leave u enough to live on thats a different matter. Bunch of cold hearted bastards that don’t care if u live or die. F*ck them.

  24. when i met my ex her son was 3 yrs old and his father lived nearby and would not give her any money so she contacted the csa and for ten yrs she chased her ex with the csa for money and despite her telling them where he worked every time he changed jobs the money they was able to get out of him was pitiful so on the 1ooth phone call the lady in csa said that she shouldnt tell her but the csa cant be sued but you can claim for incompetence of them and she received nearly 12 000 pounds so if they aint helping claim , maybe then they might sort themselves out

  25. FFJ is a fraud. It was an organization created in order to discredit fathers. Many of the stunts that you see are perpetrated by agents. FFJ has actually strengthened the power of the courts, exactly how it was designed to.

  26. Sharon on September 30th, 2010 2:31 pm

    Because Father’s for justice have made it acceptable to laugh at them, I am sure Jamie was not being serious. It should also be recognised that there are many Fathers out there who do not want to pay for their children’s upkeep which is why we need an organisation like the CSA in the first instance. Not all Fathers are as good as those from FFJ

    Sharon you are a fucking maggot!!!

  27. Ye just that basically that if you have a hand in raising the child ir have shown willing that you want to then U should shut the f##k up and pay. But if like me you have been through the corrupt family court run by dirty queer and poedofile freemasons either them being a judge or 1 them poedo social services booses. Then it just feels like anther kick in the halls. I don’t even blame the mothers cause most of the time they ain’t got the brains they were born with. This is for stopping U from seeing the with out good reason. If U work for the government then you are willing to go against the people. Which means your a f##king piece of shit. Good luck to every 1.

  28. The sooner people wake up and realise what the agenda is then my brothers you will know that this society has not just come together by simply running its own course. Its come together because its been planned years ago century’s. Break up family’s. Feminism. Tax every 1 for all we can. Keep a man poor. Brainwash the children in school. The nazis never lost the war just like the Romans they become smater. Welcome to the New World Order. It will be hell on earth here soon. Especially for our children and thiers if we last that long”

  29. We are not all dead beats! I’m 28 years old and have a four and a half year old son who is my world. I have no
    Problem in paying maintenance for him have done before I was contacted by CSA by personal agreement. Some women quite frankly can be selfish idiots who do not take into the pain they are causing to there children. The last time I say my son he told me that he missed me and didnt want to go home, The following day I received a phone call from him in tears because he was missing me.

    She has now told him I have ” gone away” on holiday for a long time what kind of heartless person can do this? Not a day goes by where Im not thinking about him I can’t eat can’t sleep if anyone knew what the pain is like and to have the uncertainty of when your going to see your kid.

    CSA are corrupt the whole system is full of deceit
    if they end up chasing me for Arrears Or try and
    Shaft me I will tell them to f–ck off! 🙂

    Far to many Women out there who manipulate the
    System. Karma will come round and bite them in the
    Ass one day 🙂

    If shit gets to heavy I will check out why continue to
    Live in a corrupt system when you can’t see the people
    You truly love. No wonder so many people commit suicide I feel for them don’t blame them to be honest

    Because when you give it your all and financially cannot afford legal fees to fight for a system that is
    Against you from the get go what is the point.

    CSA are a bunch of incompetent idiots

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