CSA staff has made me sick of waiting

October 5, 2014

My case has been ongoing for past 6months, my child is nearly 1(in two weeks) and I still don’t have a dime!! The ex decided to finally provide them with the information they needed two months ago, and they still haven’t managed to even calculate what I’m owed.

I’ve rang up several times to be told so many excuses like; ” we will be dealing with your case this week” ” calculations should be worked out this week, and hopefully payments to you should come in about 2weeks” ” the lady dealing with your case currently has a lot of other cases, can you or someone else not deal with it? No only her” “the caseworker is off” I’m soo sick of waiting.

He owes me from 9 months now, money is soo tight, Ive had to borrow off people telling them I’ll pay them bk as soon as my Csa kicks in, I can’t even borrow anymore, my child needs new clothes, her bday is coming up I can’t even afford a cake yet alone a party, did I mention money is beyond tight?

The ex is abusive and very eager to hurt us so I can’t even contact him directly, it seems Csa is damn right rude, lazy as they seem to have tons of excuses and lots of different people eager to give them but not help (if that’s the case) there fellow co worker.

I even offered to calculate it for them. It just seems so unnecessary to let a single mum wait so long for something that could be done in minutes.. I have another child who’s father passed away whilst I was pregnant, so I dnt get any child support, his family from his dad side all speak a foreign language and are long distant, so bear in mind on the little benefit I get I have to provide for the three of us on top of soo many bills ious…

I’m not asking for billions just for his half for the child I e been taking care of, as I knw something that will help is better than nothing…just gimme a break plz.


  • Lisa says:

    Csa cannot be relied on and if your ex has had a change of circumstances in his life you might not get anything, if your that desperate to support your child go and get a bloody job, stop borrowing off people that you can’t afford to repay to, it’s not money that’s legally yours, it isn’t actually law that Csa is to be paid, as the saying goes you can’t get blood from a stone,

  • Bella says:

    Stacey you will unfortunately find that this site is very much against PWC and will repeatedly be told that you are money grabbing and to get a job etc. when simply attempting to obtain maintenance for your child/children.

    Both parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children which does include financial responsibility. Never rely on maintenance as it cannot be guaranteed.

  • anon says:

    and of course you are not letting the child see the father?

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