CSA staff don’t care who they hurt

August 6, 2011

My son is 18 now and I’ve always been apart of his life.

Due to the csa I’ve suffered with depression for over a decade and this last year i have been well enough to work. All of a sudden the csa have taken half my wage off me as i get paid monthly and this is arrears from 10 years ago, bearing in mind i earn 1000 a month. They don’t care and have always been unprofessional and picked on the honest dads.

Basically i will probably have to quit work again due to this.Yes i owe the arrears but £489 a month is unrealistic and they are as stubborn as ever.

We need a common sense approach to their way of working but i guess that will never happen to an ignorant miss managed uncaring organisation.


One Response to “CSA staff don’t care who they hurt”

  1. dee on August 9th, 2011 1:52 am

    i am dealing with the CSA with my ex partner. he was married b4 he was with me and his 1st ex wife is a nightmare.. lying about him never having paid maintenence although i used to sort the finances and pay her directly.. the CSA continually strive to hurt as many non resident parents as possible and dont care one iota about them. when i rang them today they said it was wrong that i should be on friendly terms with my childrens father!! ??? he has so much money taken directly from his pitiful wage, the money i have had to claim as his 1st ex wife was taking so much, i give him back so he can try to live each month. how are non resident parents supposed to live their own lives and enjoy time with their children if the csa continue to mess things up as they do!!?? put me in charge i say!!! 😉

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