CSA staff do not know the law, or their own rules

August 5, 2011

I am led to believe, that when a child is born the childs parent has to then register that child by law, that registration then makes that child a member of society, a child of society.

The government can at any point come and remove that child from its family, once a child has become a member of society that the government enforces by law and cohersion of threat, the government then remove a number of liberties and human rights.

If this child is the property of the government and a father has no rights, he should have no obligation, the government when the birth certificate was signed and the child registered did the government take responsibility of that child. All this for a number of benefits that a child’s parents/guardians will receive, Benefits of payment, education etc.

A man has no right to deny another beeing the use of his seman to create a life, but if a life is created then the government will coherse/enforce a maintenance payement under its morally correct to support your child, weather you consented to its creation or not, one consents to sex, consenting to sex does not consent to the creation of a life, It is but a risk, one could go out into the road and get run over and die, because he entered the road doesnt mean that he took the risk thus consenting to the loss of his life.

If you consented to its creation then the government would have jurisdiction over the parent to enforce this payment, If a parent didn’t consent or sign a birth certificate then he has the right to opt out of that obligation of support, it should not be the job or the duty of the CSA to bully, Coherse or Enforce any maintenance payments.

But to recognise the law and adhere to the law as no person’s are above the law, this includes any member of the CSA staff, they should understand that a natural entity has a number of god given rights, human rights.
Article 6: The right to a fair hearing
Article 8: the respect for a private and family life, this means that you cant go prying into someone else’s personal details without there consent.
Since you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998, so when you go to an employer and demand these details your are breaking the law, yourself and the employer.

oh and the one that your most often responsible for is

Article 2: The right to life, that you cost so many fathers,

I can sue you under the Common Law, for violating my rights under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Because we are denied our rights to a fair hearing, because the CSA have no legal training, or legal understanding of wht rights a natural enterty is entitled to, has or hasn’t got. we will never get to a UCC court, were one could claim the Reservation of his Rights under UCC 1-308 UCC 1-207 which goes on to say…

– “When a waivable right or claim is involved, the failure to make a reservation thereof, causes a loss of the right, and bars its assertion at a later date.” – (UCC 1-207.9)

since you operate above the law, you have no need for the understanding.

– The Sufficiency of the Reservation: any expression indicating an intention to reserve rights is sufficient, such as “without prejudice”. – (UCC 1-207.4)


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