CSA should look into what my payments are spent on

July 3, 2015

I got trapped about 5 years ago after a one night stand. the girl involved said she didnt want an abortion, but was going to put the baby up for adoption, which was a lie. she kept the child which she always was going to do. as it was my child i asked if i could be part of the little ones life. she had already planned that by going to the csa. she now owns her 3 bedroom house, drives a merc, and goes on holiday with her new husband twice a year, leaving the little one at home with family.

i would love to take the little one on holiday but im struggling to keep my tiny one bed flat over my head, and theres no chance of that anyway as even though i tried to be part of the little ones life her mother made it so difficult and i could only see the child when it suited her. to cap it all off, i have to pay her £500 through the csa.

i would really love to know how much of that is spent on the child, and how much pays for the car, holidays for her and the boyfriend without the child etc. this is such a good system! why dont they look into the lifestyle and partners of the pwc? last resort is to move abroad, she wont let me see the child anyway, but at least she will have to stop spending money on herself for 5 minutes and maybe think about the little one for a change! you will do everything for you own flesh and blood. if the csa would listen to me and see what the mother’s like they would prob take the little one off her. Is there any way you can get proof of what the csa money you give them is spent on?

Unexpected dad, but wants to be with his child!


  • MrWhitey says:

    “if the csa would listen to me and see what the mother’s like they would prob take the little one off her.”

    The CSA do not give a flying fuck about your child, their only interest is taking as much money from you as possible.

  • gonk says:

    its sadly true. The csa really don’t care what happens to your money.
    I also feel for you, I feel the same as you, my ex left me to be with another bloke and went to live with him taking my daughter with her, then the fucking skank wanted money from me as well, it fucks me off beyond belief that her and him both work and I still have to hand over £300 to them each month, just topping up their salaries, no fucking way does the bitch spend all my money on MY daughter

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