CSA should concentrate on fathers who don’t pay

May 15, 2011

I have been in contact with the csa since my two children were 3 and 1. They are now 9 and 7 and i havent recieved half of the payments i should have recieved in this time. My ex is against giving money easily as he has the attitude that he is giving the money to me so hes not very forthcoming when it comes to the csa, this is why the csa is supposedly here, to get money from the fathers that dont want to pay it. I hear all the time about these fathers all being asked to give the earth and i do feel sorry for them. If they are showing that they are paying and willing then why pressure them more? concentrate on the ones that dont want to pay.

Ive complained numerous times to the csa about the lack of communication from them towards me, the lack of money being paid even though their father is working, such is the case now, and everytime i do complain i get a phonecall from the csa saying they will sort out the problem and give me promises that they will sort it out and contact me again and then i never hear from them! Im getting sick to death of contacting this incompetent company who lead u to believe they are doing their job and actions speak otherwise.

I have probably spent more money contacting them than their father has! It is ridiculous. All this time my children are missing out and he is still living at his mothers house, sitting pretty spending money on himself, not giving a damn about them and im relying on the csa to do their job!

It seems they take the fathers that do care to the cleaners and dont bother with the ones that dont! They should be ashamed!


  • Karen Bedford says:

    Unfortunately you are so right. Please join the fb groups child suport agency failings and others, which have support and advice, its free and there because many of us have been failed by this system and need justice. Good luck, dont give up.

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