CSA should compensate me for its rip-off scheme

February 21, 2015

I have bben paying child maintenance for over 2 years. I was paying £10 per two weeks as i was unemployed at the time, when i received my payslip in work on june 2011, csa said they are taking £609 per month!!!

I called and asked for a reduction and they agreed that i should pay £209 per month. I called them again in 2012 and said i cannot live on £650 per month as i have a baby on the way in two months! Their answer was “we cannot reduce anymore as you are in debt!”

I asked what the sum was and they said “£2,219.58p” to my amazement i asked what is this “debt”. They said it was for “assesment” £42 per week since june 2009! This is extortionate. How can they charge me £42 per week for over 2 years for something they should do as a one off?!

Please help me as i cannot live on the wages i am earning! “its the government” the csa said, apparently i dont have a human right to earn to live and its a criminal offence not to pay the csa, assesment or maintenence!

This is a worry for a father who is seeing his children twice weekely and once overnight 52 times per year! Csa should write this “debt” off and apologise and even pay the money i have paid them for their rip-off scheme. Please help me thank you.


  • CSA Warrior says:

    Edward french: are you stupid or just taking the fucking piss. Do you hVE ANYTHING USEFUL TO SAY. ???? if not then politely fuck off.
    bottom line is she can and might

    So to the problem:
    It is very rare for rhe CSA to breach a human right. However they are famous for errors.

    My suggestion would be to obtain a copy of your file and find the reason why they fouled up yet again.

    Once you have done this then make a complaint and explain the error in as much detail as possible. mark it as a tier 2 complaint.

    they will offer £50 – £75 compo.

    refer the matter to the independant case examiner. the offer is likely to increase. after this there is the Parliamentary ombudsman

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