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CSA should be on the dad’s side for once

I contacted csa recently and then upon this they sent me a decision by post to say that nothings changed, this I do not agree with, what a load of rubbish.

Its seems as though they do not believe me. I have my daughter as much if not more than her Mother and I work. Csa should open their eyes and be on the dads side for once, they can phone her as many times as they like and she will tell them lies. because they’ve been in touch see keeps my daughter away from me and then when she realises her money hasn’t changed shes on the phone to me to say I can see her again, I am not making this up, what a joke!!!

I go onto their website calculator and it says I should be paying £11.00 per week. I pay more than this so whats going wrong. They can stick by their decision for all I care but I would like to make them aware that in this case and probably a lot more cases were dads do care they are WRONG!

I work she sits at home all day, can’t even be bothered to take my child to nursery, that’s what I am up against every day, pecks my head. and they award her for this, pathetic!

6 thoughts on “CSA should be on the dad’s side for once

  1. I wouldn’t take it personally mate, the CSA will ‘believe’ which ever party it suits them at the time to enable them to scam more money, because that’s what it’s all about for them…

    If you was to become the PWC tomorrow and your ex the NRP and you put in a claim against her, you would find that the CSA would suddenly start believing you, if it maximized their theft.

    The battle being fought here isn’t NRP v PWC, it’s about all of us against this odious company together.

  2. Hi I’m wondering if any can give me advise I e been paying £500 a month to my ex for 1 child I already pay 150 a mth to someone else cars are looking are looking into this will they take it into account I already pay for one Thanks

    Is the calculator correct a Aswell

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