CSA sent two contradicting letters on the same day

November 4, 2012

The CSA are causing me and my Husband so much stress it is unreal.

He has paid his Ex through the CSA for years with no issues always through a CCJ against his wages no complaint but the situation changed earlier this year and the CSA has done nothing about it.

Firstly my Husbands Son moved from his mothers house to live with us in April this year we changed the child benefits informed CSA they confirmed his Child Benefit no said they would sort this out, since then the CSA has continued to take the same amount of money based on 2 children even after numerous phone calls. Just to complicate things further my Husbands Daughter is now 18 and was in full time education until September 2011 when she never returned since then she has worked various jobs for which there must be a national insurance record even if she is not paying tax, we told the CSA again back in April they said as long as his Ex wife was still getting Child Benefit she was still able to get Child Support and that if we felt she should not be getting it we should report her for Benefit Fraud, thus putting the kids if they found out in an awkward position.

Also the CSA over the months have messed us around telling us different things each time we call. In August we spoke to Tyne & Wear office who said the case was settled all payments would stop and we should get a letter within 2 weeks confirming the amount of backpay we are owed, after a month no letters or calls so when we chased we were told the case was still open and under review we should not have been told it was settled and all further calls should go through Belfast office as they are in charge of our case.

Today (Oct 31st) we called after receiving two contradicting letters in the same day and was told that at last the payments were to stop but even though we should not have paid for child 1 since September this year at least when the Child Benefit stopped and April for Child 2 when we notified them that he moved in with us as they have already paid the money out they cant claim it back, suggesting we contact my Husbands Ex to ask her for some money, they are not on the best terms usually so she is hardly likely to give money to us when nobody is going to make her.

We are just so confused what to do next.


  • Jo says:

    Write a letter of complaint marked clearly complaint, send it recorded and see your mp taking any paperwork with you. Csa just gave my husbands ex 1800.00 that she wasnt entitled too and with help of our mp getting it back. Im sorry they are doing tjis to your family, but keep on at them, never ring them as you will never get the same agent twice. Good luck.

  • Alice says:

    Unfortunately in respect of the daughter for whom your partner’s ex continued to claim CB for when she was not entitled to due to the child not remaining in full time education the CSA have to keep the claim open until the CB has ceased, this would require your partner to report her to CB for fraud however awkward this would feel.

    In respect of his son who was full time in your partner’s care he should have been removed from the case after they were advised and confirmed that the CB for him was being paid to your partner. If this was not done at the time it was reported but has since been done this should have adjusted the accounts.

    All refunds for overpayment are discretionary but as your partner has continued to pay this should have resulted in an overpayment on his part but not due to him failing to inform the agency of the change then they should refund him any over-payment regardless of whether they are able to re-coup the money paid out to the parent with care. Given that your partner’s son is now in your house the welfare of the child should be considered and this should make it more likely that a refund would be authorised.

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