CSA sent extortionate bill after its mistake

June 8, 2015

In 1993 i started to pay csa at this time my wage was £180 net my csa was £33.00 witch was ok i paid this for about 2 months then out of the blue they put it up to £77.00 aweek.

So i phoned them no joy there at all they said it was correct so i had it reviewed i got a letter from them 4 weeks later they had made a mistake but they put it up to wait for this £102.00 per week so i was on £180.00 per week and the very nice people at csa was taking £102.00 per week.

Omg did not no what to do,so i had it reviewed once again it took them 2 years yes 2 years to sort it out by this time my daughter was 3 years old they was sorry it took so long they told me they were sorry and i should have paid £32.00 but for the 2 years it took to sort out they sent me a bill for £15,000.