CSA sends letter thanking me for requesting review, and threatening bailiffs

November 22, 2011

These cowboys..

My ex partner and I split over 10 years ago after she basically found someone else. I left the house and everything in it barr, my clother. Then she asked me for some money but I wasnt settled in work and didnt have anywhere to live so I had to say I couldnt. Then I got a job and the CSA got involved taking £50 a week directly out of my wages (200pm) then I got evicgted because I couldnt pay rent. Then I lost my job due to redundancy.. so I was back on my mothers sofa with no job and no money.. I’d just like to state that all the time I had contact with my children and tried to see then when I had a little bit of money that enabled me to do so.

Anyway.. I was working a part time job last year and they sent me a letter requesting £3000.. they then deciceded to take 40% out of my 500pm wage so basically no.. I could afford to work.. SO.. I get a better job and finally make an agreement with my ex partner.. and through the CSA.. £200 a month out of my wages to her.. GREAT I thought. However the CSA then want to review it so they can take more.. I call them twice.. get cut off.. I call them again and they say no agreement would have been possible ‘We dont do that’. My ex partner calls them to say.. ‘Yes £200 a month is fine..’ .. she says to me.. ‘I’m more than happy with that!’.

My partner loses her job due to sickness i.e stress and miscarrage.. I cant afford the £200 to the CSA/EX and can only just make my rent payments due to a lucky tax rebate.. However I plan on continuing the payments ASAP (Partner gets a new job).

Today.. I recieve letter from CSA demanding £3000 or the can send Bailiffs etc.. also a little form thanking me for my request of a review?.. (What?!)


  • leigh says:

    Ah well the csa are likely to go ahead requesting your wages via employer which they can do without you knowing they won’t take personal circumstances into account as no other children involved they don’t normally review it unless its cause of arrears or requested by your ex

  • Ryan says:

    oh no.. there are other children in the houshold. Theyre not arsed though. Tried to get through again today only to be hung up on AGAIN.

  • rach says:

    never ever ring the csa you will get no where that way! always write and send recorded delivery or they will say they never received letter. beware if you ring the csa that they twist what you say and put in their phone records the opposite of what you say, they did this to my hubby they are liars request a review in writing and appeal arrears asap that will put bailiffs on hold until your appeal is heard x

  • John says:

    Put all of this in writing and send it to Duncan Smith. He knows what they are doing, but he’s in on the scam. The reason that I say put it inwriting and send it to Duncan Smith, is that if he fails to act, you can incriminate him, as doing nothing about these (as you say) cowboys).

    I would also consider writing and threatening them with harassment, deception and theft. You may also consider making a formal complaint to the Serious fraud office!

    See your M.P. regarding bailiffs and smarmy thank you for the review!

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