CSA seems to be plucking figures out of the air

September 18, 2011

I split with my ex 8 1/2 years ago. I was paying her maintenance,which she was happy with.i met and moved in with a new partner, (who has 2 kids) then ‘it’ hit the fan. The CSA called me, which surprised me, and asked what was happening, i told them about our arrangement, which they confirmed with her that I was paying and she was happy and that was an end to it.

I continued paying for 6 years until my business went downhill and I had to wind it up. I was un-employed for nearly 16 months. Eventually I got a Security Guard job, on minimum wage. My ex new about this and said she was ok with it, ‘just come to see ***** whenever you can, thats the important thing’ A 536 mile round trip. (sounds lovely doesn’t she) In April this year I had a phone call from the CSA telling me they were re-opening the case which ‘they had closed by mistaken 2003. I gave them the wage slips they wanted, I was worried because they were quite high as I had been doing more than my usual 48 hr week. Two of them were 96 hours. I explained this wasn’t the norm, but they clearly don’t read the additional information page on their forms. I have now been informed I owe £13k in arrears! I phoned and spoke to a girl who said, ‘I don’t understand this, this case is closed’.

I rang twice last week, got past the questioning and was told by both people, ‘I don’t understand this, this case is closed?’ I’m convinced this quango is not fit for purpose!! The girl that does my case told me my Net weekly pay in 2003 was £396. News to me as my monthly payslip was £1026, and they have never asked for any pay slips. Perhaps they need new calculators? It seems to me they are plucking figures out of thin air? My ex has also given them false information about what I have paid her and they won’t believe a word I say to them.

Man-haters to the core. They have now said they are going to take £41 per week maintenance and £94 per week arrears. Which is going to be impossible as I am now doing 36 hours per week at £6.50 per hour. I simply cannot afford to go on. They have threatened me with re-possession, court or prison, which seems quite attractive, at least I will get fed and not have to worry about paying for heat and light this winter. Dole queue here I come?


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  1. John on September 18th, 2011 1:16 pm

    This is the whole problem with them. They are not accountable to anyone but themselves. How do we know that we owe arrears? They are scamming anyone and everyone, to hit their targets. They should be investigated and where any wrong doing is taking place the staff and executives should be arrested!

    It’s fraud by any other means!

  2. dalton on October 13th, 2011 8:37 am

    I have a daughter of 18 and a son of 13 from a different mother. The csa say I owe £21,000 in arrears for my daughter even though I have paid a lot of maintenance for her over the years! I have never been assessed by the csa just had my earnings guessed at the rate of £75 per week. I have 10 years of tax returns showing zero balance on all of them. I make voluntary payments for my son of £30 per week as advised by the csa in 2002. Every penny of the £14,000+
    I have paid for my son and the £8,500+ travelling costs to pick the kids up every weekend has never been taken into account against the supposed debt. I have an attachment of earnings order in place for the arrears of £150 per month. This has been reduced from £398 per month (40% of my earnings) but the e-mail didn’t get through to Fairfax Solicitors so they’ve taken £398 instead! I was also told by the csa that they can’t phone their own debt collectors direct, they can only contact by secure e-mail! They’ve admitted the mistake but can’t do anything about it because they’ve “done their bit!” This is not right and the csa are a complete joke and should be disbanded asap! Have a thought for me while my ex is in Morocco sunning herself as I can’t pay my rent this month!

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