CSA Security Checks

March 4, 2012

The CSA phone you and ask you to identify yourself by quoting your national insurance number, but when you challange them, they expect you to be happy they are who they say they are.

Would your bank phone you and ask for your bank account detail – No, there is a two way challange response where they offer some information, you offer some information. Both parties confirm who the other is.

When I asked them to choose three random charecters and I would confirm them they refused, stating “I told you who I am now I need you to confirm who you are by telling me your national insurance number”

Why should it be acceptable for someone unknown to phone and demand PII (Personal Identifiable Information as defined within the Data Protection Act)

When I suggested a change I was advised they do this due to DPA regulations.

I strongly suggest you do not get into the habbit of providing information to anyone who phones you without thorough identification. Just the fact they say they are from a government agency doesnt mean they actually are.


  • karen bedford says:

    Hi Ben, yes this is something I took up with them many times also, how do I know that they are who they say they are, when private number – so made them call from a no showing, but many times they would be the phone down on me saying I was being un-co-operative, etc. Its funny we are told not to give out personal info i.e. NB no but we have to, to them, even if we dont know if they are who they say they are!

  • Karl Garrett says:

    Simple, DONT Speak to them on the phone. After the down right rudeness of the last CSA wa**er I had the displeasure to speak to, I shall NEVER ever answer the phone to these people. recorded correspondence only. This “organisation” has ruined my relationship with my children & is well on the way to trashing my current relationship to, due to the issues it raises….but hye, what does it matter…I’m just a disposable cash machine!.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Golden Rule.
    One person says one thing, another the opposite.
    Get ID on your phone so you can see who is calling.
    If you do get a call from them, tell them you do not deal with such matters over the phone and they should write to you.
    Once you have received the letter, reply.
    Keep all letters and copies of your reply in date order till your child is 21 as least.

    This advice is based on my experience.

  • Harry says:

    Yes This gets my blood pressure up every time and today they asked who oldest child was on the maintenance – I responded its closed their are no children involved – I was still forced to impart this this and even more personal info – just to spite me?
    Listen to the NOW show on the i-player it has a great sketch about this ridiculous security – Now I have their collection agency ringing me trying the same rubbish – I told them no way – one daft agency is enough – they have not rang back since

  • Mitch says:

    Does anyone know what basic checks are done by the CSA to confirm things like salary etc… I am a working mum of 4 kids (three teens). One teen has decided to live with her dad (no big deal). He wants maintenance for her and has gone through the CSA (again no big deal). Just wanted to understand what checks are carried out via my employers in response to the information I send them.

  • wilf says:

    Harry:- They need to check they are speaking to the correct person so are contracted to ask you security questions. All their calls are monitored so if they do not ask a number of security questions they risk being disciplined by their employer.

    Mitch:- They will ask to see wage slips,two if paid monthly five if paid weekly.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Mitch,
    If you can provide some payslips/ P60 (or contract/job offer if its a new role) they shouldnt need to contact your employer. They only seem to go this route if you dont give them the information they need.

    Please be warned though, they will claim to be authorititive in all sorts of areas to try and intemidate you, sit tight and stay calm. and rememeber just because they phone you claming to be from the CSA they shoud still provide evidence.


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