CSA says they don’t tell you when attempts to claim money fail

December 29, 2012

I met my partner in 2004,i was living on my own after the breakdown of my marriage and had no children.The mortgage was actually in my name and my husbands but he never contributed towards the payments,after a while my new partner moved in with me and i found myself pregnant which was a pleasant surprise as i had’nt planned on having children my partner however had three children from his prevoius marriage and got on with his ex ok or at least he thought.

There was never any mention of csa from her so he thought she was happy with the situation as she had a new partner herself living with her who she as since married.Around 2007 after our second child was born we started to get letters from the csa demanding arrears and even had bailiffs coming to the house.

Eventually the csa got a liability order and then a wages order to take a percentage of the arrears from his earnings,all sorted …or at least we thought. Meanwhile my ex husband became terminally ill and decided to make a will leaving his half of the property to his family although he had never paid any mortgage payments.This started a long drawn out battle for me to keep the house as his solicitors tried to force a sale.Eventually it was agreed after my ex husbands death that they would sign the house over to me if i agreed to pay their costs.

The mortgage company i was with would’nt allow me to take the mortgage on in my own name as i did’nt work at the time so we were advised to re-mortgage and have my partner on it,i did this as i had two children to think of and have been in this house for 19 years.Well that was the start of it as soon as my partners name went on the land registry the csa put a charging order on the property so i rang them up and they assured me this was only in place to secure the debt and as long as he was employed we did’nt need to worry about it.In november 2010 my partner was made redundant but got a new job immediately with no break inbetween working.

I rang the csa up told them this and gave them the new employers details and they said thankyou for informing us we’ll get it sorted out to take the payments from this new job, i offered to set up a standing order so as not to fall behind on payments whilst they got it sorted but was told we did’nt need to do that as it would only take 2 weeks to do it and that they would be in touch.We heard nothing from them and with not knowing anything about how these things work and believing that they knew what they were doing we just assumed they were just a bit behind because at the time they were moving their offices.

About 4 days before christmas we got a letter from their solicitors saying that after failure of making payments they intended to apply to court for the house to be sold to recover the debt, you can imagine the shock and upset that caused.I rang them up and tried to establish what had gone wrong as we had never refused to make any payments and that the last we knew of it was they was dealing with it,might as well of been talking to the wall they just were’nt interested and just said well its your own fault for not getting back in touch.

The man i spoke to said to me when i asked why they had’nt started taking it from his wage that they could’nt because of his protected earnings ………….great so why did’nt you inform us ? and his reply was when something works we tell you when it does’nt we dont ! what kind of people run things that way ? if somethings not going to work surely you should be told so as to arrange another way.Anyway we have been on the phone to them making offers of payment which have all been refused as they say its not enough so my partner asked them what kind of monthly payment was acceptable and the csa said £800 a month ………we dont have that kind of money and this as made me so ill i had to go to the doctors and on the sick with stress because of all the worry.

I thought the csa was there to help families and make sure children dont suffer but obviously not, because on tuesday this week the courts have said the csa are right and they have forced a sale of property therefore leaving my children homeless at the end of october ,i’m at my wits end, the worry of whats going to happen with my children is killing me.

The csa are ruthless,callous and have ruined all our lives,its unbelievable to think that because of their own incompetence my children have to suffer whilst his ex wife is living with her husband in the house that my partner signed over to her for the sake of his children.


  • Alice says:

    if there was already a Liability order in place before your partner moved jobs then this will still stand. As you had offered to set up a SO pending a new DEO being in place with his new employer and the CSA told you not to do this then this should go in your favour. If the CSA have attempted to impose a new DEO the protected earnings will be 60% of your partners net income and this should still allow 40% to be taken for maintenance and arrears – if however you are in England and your partner has another DEO in place (for example for Council Tax etc) the CSA DEO may be iineffective as DEO’s in England are worked in date order.

    Did you put money aside for your partner’s csa payments when he started his new employment? If so you can offer this as a lump sum. Depending on how much is owed in arrears the csa may still decide to enforce the liability order which could result in forcing the sale of the house.

  • Alice says:

    and for the CSA officer to state that they do not inform NRPs when payments are not secured – that is completely wrong. If the CSA have a failed MOC (method of collection) the first action that should be taken is to contact the NRP to establish an alternative MOC. I work in debt enforcement and I can assure you that best part of my working day is spend trying to contact NRPs who’s direct debits have failed or who’s DEOs have not paid on time – if your partner was not contacted regarding the payments you should make a formal complaint

  • lisa says:

    SAme shit different day with CSA, they ring or contact somebody say what they are suppost to be doing, your file goes into a pile with other peoples not to be seen for another 6 months, then when it suits to look again its your fault that happened, So many complaints, so many suicides, so many broken homes, so many men not seeing there children, yes CSA all because of you

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