CSA says my ex no longer has to pay for his son

May 18, 2011

My ex has been paying child support for the past 12 years with no problems but now 1 has arisen. I recieved a call yesterday from csa telling me that my ex no longer has to pay child support for his own son cause his claimed 3 kids that are not his as his own and he has a 2nd kid that is his now.

He told them that he has 4 kids and a house to run so cant pay for his own flesh n blood. I’m fuming at this and they told me i can make a reclaim in 13 weeks time.

This is discusting that he no longer has to pay for his own kid, that he does not care about or have contact with his a two faced lier that will do anything to get his own way.

I’m wondering if there is anything else i can do to MAKE him pay for his child, like taking it to court or something. He always paid me every 4 weeks and always skipped the 5th week payment in the 5 week months, all advice will be greatful n is there a way i can make him pay for all the 5 week months he has missed aswell for the last 12 yrs?

My son is reaching 13 this year and i will now struggle with buying his uniform for school and clothes n shoes that he needs. Help me please im so stressed.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    I think you’ll find that the amount he has to pay you will not change unless his income has changed. It will only change if his income changes and/or he has other children that he has to pay maintenance for, not a new partner or girlfriends children as they are not his. Similarly, even if he has one of his own living with him your payment is only likely to reduce by 15%.

    You will have a fight with the CSA, as the CSA is not interested in cases where it is not keeping the money for itself. Assuming he is on new rules, post 2003, then he should be paying you 15% of his net salary. With the CSA stick to your guns, put everything in writing, and also go see your MP.

  • John says:

    you make me laugh. why have kids if you cant afford it. I hate women that expect the world to pay for them when i have my kids i ask for nothing i paid 150 per month with the agreement i buy the kids clothes and uniforms and school holidays. plus i give my daughter 100 per month shes 9 so she can buy clothes and things she wants. can’t do that no more because the mother wants the money and you know somthing she will spend it on her and my kids will walk arround like tramps. so sly on you get another job youll get 60 per week working 37.5 hours in a 19k job. you’ll also get a fair amount from him if you didnt go the CSA, he’s managed to get out because he’s got other kids to feed. will you pay for his new kids. because no one will help him, there a couple. they have to provide for them selfs like the rest of the world. your new partner works yes? if you dont have one you’ll get the full benifits win win win.! i bet you make 1500 per month. if not more. and you can cope your just greedy. sounds like it. if your strugling then your living way out of your means. and its your own fault dont come on the site crying poverty. systems not setup to let you suffer. greedy women all over the UK put the ressession on the table not bankers rinsing men for every penny. leaving them nothing to live on and doing it with a nasty grin for years i hope you get nothing. men have took there own lifes suffering the pain and you plead poverty when the system will pay you not to work and if you do your better off get childcare paid for and many other binifits like dental cover free NHS drugs. the man gets nothing. shame on women that claim poverty,. I hear one man paying out 3k no way it costs that much to keep a kid going. but he earns good money so he can share the money with a woman he no longer loves. not on and you all know it. even if hes not intrested in your kid. so what he’s a lier it works for him i say congratulations for removing the shackles. but he should pay somthing direct to you outside the CSA. not to them because there caculations dont take into account the cost of living some people get ill no food to ead lose weight get depressed. I belive you should pay for your kids but if he hasnt got the money then sorry he needs to stop having kids. whats the point in bringing life if you can’t afford it. my greedy x left me for a woman. she used me to make two kids and here i am paying her 320 per month would you like to do that and not have a penny left to please the kids. I am skint for the next 13 years work it out your not.

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