CSA says I should I pay ex, even though I have custody of daughter!

July 7, 2012

I left my ex wife in 2001, but i have always had my daughter. I was making volentery payments for years. I was paying 300 pounds a month for the first year, but had to drop them to 150 pounds after that, as i had no money to live on.

The ex wife was happy with that. I never got reciepts for these payments, but i was getting to see my daughter every week so i thought it was ok.in 2006 My new wife was pregnant,my ex wife phoned me and asked me could i have my daughter for a few hours as she had chicken pocks,i said no as my wife was pregnant,so she went mad and contacted the CSA with in 10 mins they were on the phone saying that i had never made payments and that i owed over 5 thousand pounds to her.I new i had always made payments, this went on for months and lots of disputing the claim they then found a telephone recording of her saying i always made volentery payments,i have it in writing saying this the letter i have is dated 2010.

My daughter now lives with me and the ex wife has to pay me. She is 900 pounds in arrears and the CSA have contacted her, she is now saying i only payed volentery payments from 2003 to 2004 there for i still owe £3965 pounds even though they court her lying they are taking her word over mine they have overturned the disition from 2010 and are now saying i must pay her, I need help they are a disgace pleas help.


  • jay. says:

    Were csa involved when you were making payments to your ex?, as payment only comes into force from the csa when they make first contact with you and cannot be back dated, you need to find out if this is the case.

    Get your file and find out when csa became involved which costs 10.00.

  • Daniel says:

    Save yourself £10 and ask them over the phone, they can tell you when your case started there and then. Have a chat with your ex-partner if you can, if you can get her to ring in and say she’s had the money they will send her a form to sign to say she’s happy to say she’s received the money direct from you and accepts it in lieu of child maintenance. However something tells me you won’t be able to get her to do that.

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