CSA says I have arrears but I have paid?

February 2, 2011

I have recently received a letter from the CSA saying I owe £14,700 in arrears for my 3 kids.

Up till changing my job in 2007 there was an attachment of earnings order on my wages. In 2006 I got a letter from CSA telling me my payments were going down as my son was now 17, great!I continud to pay £75 a week for my 2 daughters.

From 2008 i started to pay my ex cash in hand maintenance for my daughters as I didn’t want to involve the CSA (big mistake)but now cannot prove this unless she holds her hands up and admits receiving it (doubtful).

In 2009 my 2 daughters came to live with me so obviously i owe nothing to CSA from then.

After speaking to them today they tell me the arrears are £2000 for non payment for my son, but i paid from my wages from 1992-2006 whenever i was in employment. and the remaining arrears are for my daughters, again paid from my wages from 2003-2007 when i was in employment. They are saying they haven’t recieved a payment since 2006 which isn’t true but i have no way of proving this as i have no old wage slips.

They have slapped me with an attachment of earning for £479 per month(Thats my monthly rent on my house gone) out of my £1250 per month wage which is going to cripple me as i am the only earner in the house as my wife is at uni and my 2 daughters are in education.

Is there any way i can challenge this decision? any Genuine help in this matter will be greatly appreciated, as it stands i cannot pay my rent if they take this amount so me and my family will be homeless shortly if they have their way. HELP!!!


  • KMcQ79 says:

    I had something similar happen to me in September 2010 although not such a large amount.
    I received a telephone call informing me I am in arrears.
    I point out I am not and I pay by cheque IN ADVANCE of the date due.
    I demand they send me all relevant statements etc.
    Receive statements and spend weekend checking them against my figures.
    I also have CSA letters for the past few years telling me I am NOT in arrears and my ‘new’ monthly payment.
    Sent letter off to CSA complete with copies of CSA letters highlighted in yellow showing I am not in arrears.
    Demand all paperwork they have under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI) and explanation.

    That was over four months ago,still awaiting a reply to my letter.
    Can’t wait till they phone me next time…

    The CSA are worse that useless.
    Check and double check their figures.
    Never,ever throw any CSA paper work away.
    File in date order.
    This is not the first time I have been threaten with legal action for non existing non payments.
    Always stand up to bullies.
    And that includes those in business suits who work in the public sector.
    Best of luck!

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