CSA say they will chase me every three months

September 22, 2012

Myself and the childs mother separated 16 years ago. I have no contact with the child or his mother as she is abusive towards me.

I set up a voluntary DOE 16 years as I wanted no contact. My son is now 16 and a month ago I contacted the CSA to find out when payments would cease not knowing if he would be going into further education. They came back to me and told me that they had made a mistake and assesed me in 2006 without informing me or my employer(for DOE) and I now through no fault of my own have £9500 of arrears. I have repeatedly asked for a full statement to show how this figure was calculated, but have received nothing.

Today they have rung me and suggested I make payment on a credit card I have. They told me they have checked through a credit reference agency and no there are funds available on my credit card or I should take out a bank loan. I had 3 weeks ago tried to get a loan but the bank calculated my outgoings to be £250 more than my income and so I was turned down.

They are now going to ring me every 3 months to see if my situation has changed. What do I do?


  • jay. says:

    Never ring these idiots, always do it in writing from now on and threaten them with your mp and ICE if you get no joy, send recorded. Also, they are not allowed to tell people to take out loans or pay on credit cards as they are not licensed to this, they are not credit brokers, so say this in your letter to, eith any names to back this up. I would see your mp aswel, take all paperwork with you, then you deal with one person only. Good luck.

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