CSA say they have lost my letter

May 29, 2012

At the end of August 2007 I recieved a document from the CSA which was sent to me in error, which we now believe to have been a copy of claimants application for maintenance. I phoned the CSA to ask what it was all about and was informed that there was no claim and that I did not appear on there system. The lady I spoke with suggested if I believed someone was in the process of making a claim I should write to the CSA which I did. I sent the letter track and trace and it was delivered to the CSA office in Hastings and signed for by them. They never responded to the letter and although the have confirmed receipt they have apparently lost the letter.

I recieved a phone call from the CSA on the 20th October 2007 from a lady who informed me that a claim had been made. I vehemently disputed the claim and we discussed the criteria to make claim and if I should make a counter claim. The lady in question informed me she would go back to the person making the clain to see if she wanted to proceed and assured me she would call me back as soon as she had an answer. I never received a phone call from them and as time passed I believed the claim had been dropped (in retrospect probably naively.) Some 16 months later in February 2009 I recieved a large and detailed document from the CSA which seemed to outline a payment due and some kind of process for applying to my employer for payment although I did not work.

I phoned the CSA to find out what was going on to be told by one of there operatives that they could not understand the document and they would get a supervisor to call me back within a day or two. I never recieved a phone call.

To cut a long story short it transpires that despite having my correct address as of the 1st October 2007 they had changed my address on there system only to change it back again in late 2008 early 2009.

This meant that all the documentation they sent, starting with a Maintenance Enquiry Form on the 2nd October was sent to the wrong address.

In June 2009 I was summons to go to court and appeared but the CSA withdrew they have after 4th attemts finally managed to get a liability order against me. I have been through there ludicrous complaints process twice and it is currently with the ICE but they are incredibly slow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Gary Wright says:


    I have been trying to get the point over on this site for a while now yet no one seems to want to believe the point i’m trying to get across and i have 20 years experiance of dealling with these clowns.
    The c.s.a are fixing peoples files and your case is a perfect example of file fixing

    1) after phoning the c.s.a your told their is no claim agains’t you as you do not show up on their system so you forget about it.

    2) you sent a letter recorded dilivery to c.s.a and signed for and your under the impression that they are dealing with it,but sadly it disappeared.

    3) c.s.a never got back to you and 16 months passed allowing arrears to biuld up unknown to you.

    4) when ever you quiz c.s.a they just play bumb.

    5) c.s.a for no apparent reason changed your address and told you at a later date your mail was being sent there. my guess is it wasn’t being sent there either more than likely wasn’t sent out at all,this is just a cover story by the c.s.a to cover their own backs as it cant be proved.
    during this time you would be classed as withholding imfomation by not returning the assessement paperwork that you never recieved.
    This allows arears to build up faster.

    6) While the c.s.a are indulged in their time wasting exercise your arrears are rappidly growing.

    7) Finally the c.s.a get a liability order against you,basically what they have been trying for since day one.Any thing over £3000 pound the judge doesn’t even want to see your evidence of c.s.a mistakes as this figure is an automatic liability order and the c.s.a know this.

    I wrote a couple of storys on this site basically stating all this file fixing,in case you want to read them which are

    May 7……….Still paying c.s.a when daughters are 28 & 30 years old.

    May 15………c.s.a and the Falkirk triangle

    The Falkirk triangle mick take i believe that this is the only way to beat the c.s.a by giving the c.s.a a name that sticks once it gets around which basically describes what goes on behind closed doors.

    Most people on this site fight the c.s.a through normal channels and get no where.

    Getting your M.P involved gets you an appology off c.s.a thats about it,nothing changes though.
    Independent case examiners.often agree the c.s.a made mistakes BUT the c.s.a just write a special letter stating that you were informed of various changes.You know you weren’t informed,the c.s.a know you weren’t informed but the letter they wrote for him says you were and he always believes them and the c.s.a know this.As do the c.s.a know about garrentied liability orders etc So by normal channels your beat everytime.

    The only chance anyone has against the c.s.a is to humiliate them through refering to the mysteriously disappearing paper work after entering the Falkirk triangle as we all know what happens in other triangles around the world things disappear.It sounds stupid but it would be away of catching peoples attention to what the c.s.a are really doing which is file fixing against the law.

    When it got out what the M.Ps were upto behind peoples backs with their expences,who would of believed that they would be lining up to hand thousands back and some going to prison BUT IT HAPPENED ONCE IT GOT OUT.

    No two cases are suppose to be alike so how is it then that we all have carbon copy so called mistakes in them of the dispearing paperwork/you were informed when you have no knowledge of it/out of the blue liability orders and the large time lapses with the c.s.a before hitting you with large arrears bills,its written all over peoples cases that the c.s.a are fixing your files

  • brett says:

    Great summary Gary, its spot on. Like you I’ve had 20 years of being walked all over by this lying, deceitful organisation who made up £11,500 of ficticious arrears. I was threatened with baliffs and a liability order, despite never missing a payment and was paying a substantial amount every month.Ive paid that debt now. However
    Im anticipating another letter in the coming years with more ficticious arrears and more threats.

  • jay. says:

    Omg Gary, your case echoes my hubbies….there’s a surprise! We got the case to Durham house and now the chief executive as there has been so many mistakes and fraud by the pwc and we are not taking their bullshit! I was told to stand up to bullies, and this is exactly what we are doing….my mp will have emails everyday if need be! The whole lot needs scrapping and no one should be paying when a child is in there late 20’s because of the mistakes made over and over by this corrupt agency! God only knows what its going to be like when they start charging for their crappy services.

  • Martin says:

    As I am new to this site it surprises me to find that people do not accept the malicious manipulation of the CSA files. I have been lied to by almost every person I have ever spoken to within this organisation including a court presenting officer before a magistrate.
    I think employees of the CSA fully understand that if they can insert a particular lie into the system it will be taken as read and can at a later date be produced as evidence.
    For example, as part of, what they laughingly refer to as their complaints process I ended up dealing with a lady in one of their offices in the North East. During the ‘phone conversation I emphasised that there was no valid effective date and that I had never been sent a MEF. Suddenly she had a satanic epiphany, the lady in question, and i would like to apologise to all the ladies of the world for so glibly attaching the title to this particular creature, suddenly invented a phone call!
    She stated that the CSA had phoned me many weeks before the whole sorry episode had started.
    At the time I didn’t understand the implications of her particular lie but I do now.
    she said she could provide evidence by way of the CSA records that the phone con existed.
    Days later I received a letter outlining our conversation including the untrue statement relating to the spurious phone call she had invented. Along with the letter was a hand written comp slip in which she stated she had made a mistake and the records she had attached were unclear (but only if you tried to view them from outerspace.) Two days after that I received a second letter along with aanother hand written comp slip which stated that she had made an error in the document she had sent but the second document is identical.

    Some weeks later I had a conversation with a lady from the ICE and when I raised the issue of the MEF/Effective date she told me that as they had phoned me on the 15th Aug 2007 (the phone call that the nice Northumberland lass had invented) that would constitute the effective date.

    So , as this kind of behavior has been so prevalent during this case I find it difficult to understand why people do not believe to what extent they are prepared to lie and cheat.

    Question. Is there a site where the underhand methods of the CSA and the lies they tell can be documented along with the names of the people who are esentially breaking the law.

    I suppose the Judicial systems exist to address travesties of justice? I accept no system can be perfect but how did we reach a point were a British government department can be so inherently and blatantly corrupt and no one in authority gives a damn.
    I visited the Citizens Advice Bureau and met with a very nice gentleman who spoke at length as to why they could not help me, as I left the office and bid farewell his Parthenon shot, “Well, your English, you don’t have any rights” has kind of haunted me.
    When we speak of corruption instantly countries like Greece, Russia, Syria and the like spring to mind but do we accept that that is the route this country has taken?
    Every day we watch sad newsreel of people fighting in the streets in Syria, Libya and other such places. It seems a million miles away but I worry that as this country slumps into the quagmire of corruptness and given what happened last year, is this a prelude to civil war.

  • Icelandic Troll says:

    *I before E, except after C. –> received.

  • Gary Wright says:

    Yes i see your point with the miss spelling of received its a pitty though cos i like it better the other way (recieved) now doesn’t that look better,yes i like to be different.
    Besides good spelling and grammar is for pen pushers

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