CSA say they can take what they like!

September 4, 2015

Well im of sick im in ill health im 61 and just had hip replacement, ive now got blood clots. i get 84 pound sick pay a week and csa takes all but 53 pound thats for me to live on carnt pay morgage im at wits end. feel like giving up all together. i can only work part time as health bad. they freighten me on the phone with saying they can take what they like. im on the verge of a break down. but please remember this if anything hapens to me its csa fault.


  • Tomy says:

    Okay this is a big step ..maybe it’s a bit crazy but here is what I would do.in your place at your age..get a one way ticket fligjt to Berlin Germany tame all your paper work what you have to live on income demands from the csa proof etc ..now when there claim asylum.explain your being persecuted and the effect it is having on your life ..Your claim will have to go through the process in Germany.this will involve the German authorities requesting your details from the csa ..which will be full of errors and won’t make any sense at all .expect a member of the British embassy to turn up at some point with a promise that it will all be sorted if you go back to the UK..of course he will be lying .you will end up back to square one ..see the process through the Germans will find your European human rights are being breached and that your at risk by being in the UK..If you where younger I’d say just leave the country work abroad ..good luck

  • King Canute says:

    Leave the country. It’s what I did. The CSA are not allowed to take certain benefits. That’s the theory but in practice they are a law unto themselves. They breached so many rules with me , left me not enough money to survive so I had to leave. I was on the streets because of them.Homeless, Don’t let the CSA do it to you. Take action.

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