CSA say I am in arrears before my payment even starts

April 2, 2012

I have disputed the start case for my case as the last time i received any payment from my ex wife was in Jan 2010. She moved to South Africa to live with her husband.

The marriage never worked and she moved make to the uk in september 2011 but the children still lived with me. This was the case until Feb2012 when both my son and daughter decided to live there mum as they both havent done this before.

During this time my cases was restarted but no claim went through as CSA failed to contact my ex wife and they said they had a 6week period to do this. I feel September until Feb is longer than 6weeks. Once my children left to live with their mum CSA took 6weeks to contact me.

I had no idea whether there was a claim against me or not and now that CSA have contacted me after 6weeks they say it is not a new claim even though my ex wife has never had any CSA payment before and like i said the last payment i received was back in Jan 2010. I know i have to pay CSA but feel it was not fair that i am now 6 weeks in arrears for my payment before i even start. This is why i put a dispute in saying the start day i feel should be when CSA contacted me like it balways is with new claims and not from when the children moved out.

CSA have turned this dispute down as they say the dispute does not carry dispute or appeal rights under child support law. I would like to take this case forwards and take my dispute to the next level, please help me with this.

Many thanks and kind regards


  • Tina. says:

    Just proves what IDIOTS work at the CSA.

  • Carol says:

    They seem to change the rules each time they work on a case!

    You are right – you are liable from the date they contact you. You should put in a formal complaint for maladministration for the delays in contacting your wife when she first returned

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