CSA say everything is correct despite evidence

March 23, 2014

Just been told by the CSA 4 March that they will not look at my case anymore as they have gone through all the checks and procedures and everything is correct.

So I now have to get a Judicial Review to prove that I was and never have been married to my ex-partner. I have to prove that my case started in 1995 and not 1998as CSA insist even though it is on my data printout.

Prove to the CSA that Saudi Aramco is not a British company, even gave them as printout from Companies house (not good enough CSA have proof).Prove that CSA were taking money from me when ex took me to court for maintenance whilst I was working and living in Saudi Arabia.

These are basics on my file MP accept everything CSA tell them, have been to police to report corruption, benefit fraud etc no case civil case, this has been on going since 1997.

Any TV show or newspaper would like to report on it get in touch.